Should famous artists like BTS be exempted from military service?

Recently, Gallup Korea announced the results of a survey of 1,004 Korean citizens aged 18 and over, taking place from April 5 to April 7, 2022.

Gallup Korea or Gallup Korea Research Institute is a South Korean research company. Founded by Park Moo Ik in 1974, the company became a member of the Gallup International Association in 1997.

Specifically, the survey was conducted by telephone investigators with random dialing method.

Gallup Korea survey results

Participants were asked whether famous artists like BTS should be exempted or substituted for military service for citizens who have contributed to the promotion of national prestige.
According to the results, 59% voted in favor of the exceptions while 33% voted against and 8% abstained.

Currently, the Korean government has not yet made a decision on the bill to amend the country’s Military Service Act. If famous artists receive a military service exception, they will enlist as “arts-sports service personnel” and work in their specialty to finish their military service later. during basic military training.


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