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List of female K-pop idols with small waists

In addition to musical talent, an idol’s appearance is always a matter of public interest. However, some female idols used to make fans worry because of their thin bodies, revealing their ribs every time they wore crop tops. However, at the present time, these girls already have ant waists and attractive bodies, and fans take turns asking for good looks.

Female idols with the most standard waists in K-pop. (Photo: Weibo)

Yuna (ITZY)

As the visual of the popular Gen 4 group ITZY, Yuna’s appearance has always become a topic of interest to netizens. She attracts fans thanks to her beautiful face and slim, slim body. However, there was a time when she caused a stir in the fan community because her body was too thin.

Yuna caused a stir when “carrying ribs” on stage. (Photo: OSEN)

The image of the female idol makes fans worried. (Photo: Pinterest)

Up to now, beauty ITZY surprised people with her spectacular makeover. She returned with the nickname “holy body” of the new generation that fans fondly called. Currently, Yuna owns a small waist and is equally attractive. Every time she wears a crop top, she makes netizens flutter with her desirable second round.

At the present time, Yuna is known as the “holy body”. (Photo: Pinterest)

The waist of the female idol is super small. (Photo: Instagram

Fans competed to ask for Yuna’s soul. (Photo: Instagram


Until now, HyunA is known as the “sexy queen of K-pop” because of her seductive and attractive appearance. In October 2021, she confused fans with a weight of only 41.3kg, with a waist circumference of 55cm. She also appeared many times with thin limbs, making fans worried.

HyunA exposed her ribs during performance. (Photo: Naver)

Her weight worries fans. (Photo: Instagram @hyunah_aa)

The female idol’s super small waist. (Photo: Instagram @hyunah_aa)

However, at the present time, the female idol has regained her standard shape. HyunA has made people admire many times when showing off her ant waist and toned abs. In the current images, she is exactly the name “sexy queen” that fans have given her.

The female idol’s waist is much firmer. (Photo: Instagram @hyunah_aa)

The female idol was asked by the people to beg for mercy. (Photo: Instagram @hyunah_aa)


Lisa is also a female idol who “carries ribs” many times on stage. In September 2021, she shocked netizens with the performance of the song Money . In addition to the attractive choreography, fans are also constantly paying attention to Lisa’s figure. During the choreography, the female idol revealed an alarmingly thin moment, clearly seeing her ribs. This made BLINKs (BLACKPINK fandom) extremely worried.

Lisa made fans worried by “carrying ribs on stage”. (Photo: Pinterest)

Now, Lisa’s body looks more attractive, there are no images of “carrying ribs” on stage. She is always fondly called “holy body” by fans because her 9:1 body ratio is too great.

The female idol has a desirable waistline. (Photo: YG)

Lisa regained her physique. (Photo: Instagram @lalalalisa_m)


Somi’s fans also worried a lot because there was a time when she worked out rigorously to lose weight. At that time, the female idol owned a tiny waist that revealed her ribs with a weight of 46.6 kg despite being 1m72 tall. Although she has a doll-like body, many people also think that she looks quite sick and needs to gain more weight to ensure health. Currently, the beauty born in 2001 has got the body that everyone wants with a slim waist and long legs.

Somi’s body makes the audience nervous. (Photo: Pinterest)

Now her figure is better. (Photo: Pinterest)

ans competed to beg to be as beautiful as Somi. (Photo: Pinterest)

Eunseo (WJSN)

In the past few days, people can’t help but be excited by Eunseo’s new series of photos. She shocked fans when showing off her toned waist, without any excess fat. It can be seen that this is an extremely spectacular makeover of the female idol. Because before, she had a rather thin appearance with a tiny waist and small limbs that made fans feel sad.

The current female idol’s toned waist. (Photo: Pinterest)

The moment of showing off her waist when going to work caused a fever of Eunseo. (Photo: Pinterest)

Owning a small waist is always the desire of many people, especially for female K-pop idols. However, some idols show their ribs with alarming weight. Therefore, fans always expect that they pay attention to their health and diet.

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