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BLACKPINK Reveals the First Part of Their 5th Anniversary Project

BLACKPINK's fifth anniversary celebration will kick off with their movie, entitled "BLACKPINK THE MOVIE"! Fans around the world will be able to view it, so keep on reading for more details.

BLACKPINK to Start Their Fifth Anniversary Project with “BLACKPINK THE MOVIE”
On June 16, YG Entertainment shared a press release, announcing that the first part of BLACKPINK’s fifth anniversary project will be the screening of “BLACKPINK THE MOVIE.”

It will be screened by CGV in South Korea and 100 other countries around the world. Coinciding with the quarter’s debut on Aug. 8, “BLACKPINK THE MOVIE” will be released in August.

The movie will show various segments including a “Memory Room, which will present the shared memories of the BLACKPINK members during their five years together after their debut. It will also have “Beauty,” which will showcase the distinct personalities of Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé; and “Unreleased Special Interview.”

Other than this, “BLACKPINK THE MOVIE” will feature five stages from BLACKPINK’s “THE SHOW” and “IN YOUR AREA” tours. These stages, which will be re-edited, are the performances of the quartet’s hit songs. It will be incorporated to give the audience a vivid experience as if they are in a real concert hall.

Through CGV, fans can make use of various formats to view “BLACKPINK THE MOVIE.” There will be “Screen X,” where fans can find three walls of screens: in front, on the right, and the left.

A “4DX” option will also be provided to the fans. There, BLINKs (BLACKPINK’s fan club) can experience the unique echo and catharsis from the venue of the concert. Another format is the “4DX Screen” which utilizes the advantages of both special halls.

BLACKPINK THE MOVIE,” which will show BLACKPINK’s passionate performances, will serve as a gift to BLINKs who have been giving endless support and love to Rosé, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa over the past five years.

Meanwhile, through their fifth anniversary project, “BLACKPINK 4+1 PROJECT,” the “How You Like That” singers will be able to look back on their journey from their debut in August 2016, when they instantly became a global star.

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BLACKPINK’s “THE ALBUM” Charts inside the Top 5 of Billboard World Albums
In other news, Billboard has released the latest charts for the week ending on June 19, and BLACKPINK didn’t fail to grab one of the top spots.

Over on Billboard World Albums Chart, BLACKPINK climbed to the Top 5. The quartet’s first full-length album, “THE ALBUM,” claimed the No. 5 spot, spending their 36th week on the chart.

THE ALBUM” also entered at No. 74 on Billboard Top Album Sales. It is also the album’s 36th week on the chart, extending its record as the longest-ranking album by a Korean female act on the chart.

Aside from BLACKPINK’s first full-length album, the group’s smash hit “How You Like That” also entered this week’s Billboard chart, particularly World Digital Song Sales.

he song rose to No. 15 in its 49th week on the chart.

Watch the music video for BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” again below!


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