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Top 10 most searched Kpop artists Melon: BLACKPINK without comeback is still in the top, BTS lost to these two names!

The list of the top 10 Kpop artists searched on Melon is getting a lot of attention from the online community when it comes to the presence of two top groups, BTS and BLACKPINK, even though they have no comeback.

Melon is one of Korea’s leading online music services. Every artist when releasing a product wants their song to lead this prestigious chart. Recently, the list of the top 10 most searched Kpop artists on Melon in the first quarter of 2022 (from January 1 to April 23) is the focus of discussion of many fans when many names appear. famous.

The list of the top 10 most searched Kpop artists on Melon in the first quarter

Specifically, BIGBANG excellently won 1st place with 3.9 million searches. This is understandable because the YG boy group has made a spectacular comeback after many years of absence with Still Life , setting a series of terrible records. Second place is “national little sister” IU when she reaches 3.2 million searches, proving her title of the leading Kpop “digital music dinosaur”. In addition, singer Lim Young Woong was no less competitive when he won 4th place.

BIGBANG had a very successful comeback with Still Life

IU also proved her title of “digital music dinosaur” when she came in 2nd place

Singer Lim Young Woong also surprised people when he ranked high

Most of the artists on the list have had a very successful comeback in the first quarter of 2022. Taeyeon made a explosive comeback with INVU with a series of impressive achievements. IVE made a comeback with Love Dive after the success of the debut song Eleven . The rookie “dinosaur” of the Starship family is also the youngest representative of the top artists, promising to be even more explosive in the future.

In particular, (G)I-DLE with Tomboy excellently brought home the first perfect all-kill title in the group’s career. Besides, two more representatives from SM, Red Velvet and NCT Dream, also had a great comeback with Feel My Rhythm and Glitch Mode , so it’s definitely indispensable in this list.

Artists with successful comebacks in early 2022 are on the list

Notably, the two top Kpop groups today, BTS and BLACKPINK, even though they didn’t come back, still won high positions in the rankings, ranking third with 3 million and sixth with 1.54 million searches, respectively. . BTS only caught the attention of the public when they performed at the 2022 Grammy, but BLACKPINK was absent for so long but still reached the top, surprising people.


and BLACKPINK didn’t make a comeback but still made it to the top

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