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Lisa (BLACKPINK) went to the WINNER concert but took the spotlight, the close-up photo was stunned by the flash

The series of photos of Lisa (BLACKPINK) showing off her fresh flower-like visual when leaving after the WINNER senior concert has become the focus of social media.

Lisa ( BLACKPINK ) has been constantly storming lately with her brilliant visuals, transformation and increasing rankings. On May 1, the youngest member of BLACKPINK appeared at the concert of close seniors WINNER . During the session, Lisa just focused on enjoying the concert and didn’t show her face. However, when she left, the female idol made fans crazy with a series of moments showing off her super cute close-up visuals.

It’s been a long time since Lisa met the fans in person, so Lisa enthusiastically interacted and waved to the waiting fans. Even though she didn’t wear makeup carefully, in the close-up zoomed photo, Lisa still showed off her enviously smooth, shiny skin with radiant and vibrant aura. The female idol’s bright smile and brilliant blonde hair made the series of photos even brighter.

Lisa appeared at WINNER’s concert to cheer her close seniors in the same company, but her visual became the focus of attention. Not carefully groomed, but Lisa is still beautiful and cute “want to faint”

Lisa’s close-up photo made everyone admire. The camera zoomed in close to the face but could not find any defects on Lisa’s perfect skin. The female idol also cleverly showed off her lovely side angle, high and straight nose bridge and cute big round eyes

Lisa’s baby-smooth skin and cute expression accept both the direct flash and the super-sharp zoom lens

Her bright smile and bright blonde hair made the night seem brighter. Maybe the “sunshine” smile is here?

Lisa made fans crazy with a series of “fainting” expressions. She actively interacts with fans, smiling at the camera and waving goodbye

Looking at Lisa’s loving eyes and bright face when meeting fans, who wouldn’t melt?

On May 1, Lisa attended WINNER’s concert. She sat next to Donghyuk (iKON) and attentively enjoyed the night

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