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BLACKPINK’s Lisa impresses with her chic catwalk in ‘CELINE’s ‘Winter 2022’ runway show

BLACKPINK's Lisa impressed many with her chic catwalk in 'CELINE's 'Winter 2022' runway show.

On May 4, ‘CELINE’ released a recording of the ‘Winter 2022’ runway show. Here, various models wore clothing items from CELINE’s winter 2022 collection and powerfully walked the runway to the beat of the music. In particular, BLACKPINK’s Lisa showed off her chic charms, and impressed many with her skilled catwalk and breathtaking proportions.

Some netizens commented:

“Wow, how is she 168 cm [tall]? She’s so cool.”
“Woah, amazing.”
“What CAN’T she do?”
“Wow, she’s amazing. She’s also good at catwalking.”
“She’s even good at the catwalk.”
“Her proportions are good, but her catwalk also looks like a model.”
“Wow…she’s just a model at this point. She’s so good.”

Watch Lisa’s part in the runway show above (~ 8:50~9:20 mark)!



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