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Top 5 Kpop MVs with the most likes on YouTube: Just a race between BTS and BLACKPINK?

BTS and BLACKPINK are both the two most popular groups today, possessing billions of views and tens of millions of likes worldwide. But who will take the throne?

YouTube is currently the world’s most popular video viewing platform, with billions of views every minute, thousands of new accounts and new videos are posted. For that reason, this has also become a chart marking the towering records of Kpop idols.

Here are the top 5 MVs of Kpop groups with the most likes on the YouTube platform. However, the battle was only two names BTS and BLACKPINK facing each other. So who is the winner?

DNA – BTS (5th place)
“DNA” – the title track for the album ” Love Yourself: Her” is the driving force behind the success of BTS today. At the time of the release of DNA , this masterpiece broke a series of records in terms of views to listeners, “holding” 10 trophies on weekly music shows. To date, MV DNA has garnered more than 1.2 billion views and 19.48 million likes. This is the MV that ranks in the top 5 most liked Kpop videos on YouTube platform.


So far, the MV DNA has garnered more than 1.2 billion views and 19 million likes

Kill This Love – BLACKPINK (4th place)
In 2019, the YG girl group released only one product, Kill This Love, but that was more than enough for BLACKPINK to make a huge achievement on many charts, especially YouTube. This song also marks the outstanding popularity of 4 talented BLACKPINK girls. To date, the MV Kill This Love has more than 1.3 billion views on YouTube and 19.55 million likes. This is the MV that ranks in the top 4 Kpop videos with the most likes on YouTube.


This is the MV that ranks in the top 4 Kpop videos with the most likes on YouTube

How You Like That – BLACKPINK (3rd place)
BLACKPINK comeback 3 times in 2020 with 3 MVs: How You Like That , Ice Cream and Lovesick Girls . Although the two music videos that the group released later did not have the first 24 hours of views and impressive growth, the MV How You Like That brought them remarkable achievements until mid-2021. .

It can be seen that the MV How You Like That has become a brilliant milestone in the career of 4 talented YG girls. This MV currently has more than 800 million views, lower than Kill This Love but has more than 20 million likes on YouTube, making it the top 3 most liked Kpop MV on YouTube.


Boy with Luv – BTS (2nd place)
During the 8-year career journey, BTS has owned countless hits that not only rocked Korea but also had global influence and Boy with Luv is one of them. BTS has always reinvented themselves throughout their career and Boy with Luv has shown so many trends in different ways that this is considered the group’s ultimate hit. On YouTube, this MV of BTS has 1.2 billion views and more than 22 million likes. This achievement has helped BTS’ MV rank 2nd in the ranking of the most liked Kpop MVs on YouTube.



Dynamite – BTS (1st place)
Topping the chart is BTS’s Dynamite MV released in 2020. This is the group’s first song recorded entirely in English. Since its debut, Dynamite has completely broken the charts, bringing BTS’s reputation to a new level that is difficult for any other group to surpass. This MV has brought BTS 1.1 billion views and 28 million likes worldwide, far away from other MVs in the same chart, officially becoming the Kpop MV with the most likes on the platform. YouTube platform.



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