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10 most popular music groups in May 2022

The Korean Business Research Institute has announced the May 2022 boy and girl group brand reputation rankings with many changes. Fans are talking because BIGBANG’s charm still surpasses that of juniors. In the women’s group, BLACKPINK is no longer leading.

The position of the groups on the chart will surprise the fans. (Photo: Pinterest)

The boy group brand reputation chart with the leading position belongs to BTS. This does not surprise fans too much. In the past, the group has always had strong global coverage. The score BTS earned in the past month is more than 11.5 million points. Group-related keywords include In The SEOM, Suga, Jungkook, record, long-term activity.

Fans are not surprised when BTS holds the top position. (Photo: koreaboo)

2nd place belongs to BIGBANG. Even though it’s been more than a month since their comeback with Still Life, the YG boy group still hasn’t lost their form. What makes people surprised is that despite being in the 2nd generation of K-pop, BIGBANG has surpassed many current juniors.

​BIGBANG still retains the heat from their comeback with Still Life. (Photo: MV Still Life)

NCT showed their excellence when reaching 3rd place. The boys worked actively to increase their reputation. 4th place belongs to SEVENTEEN, although down 1 place from last month, it is still the pride of fans.

SEVENTEEN dropped in rank compared to April, but the effort is undeniable. (Photo: Pinterest)

With more than 2.1 million points, an increase of 15.89%, MONSTA X holds the 5th place. The boy group has always been appreciated for their distinctive way of building images and music. EXO, The Boyz, TXT, ASTRO, and Stray Kids respectively shared the last 5 positions of the Top 10.

TXT is about to return to the music track. (Photo: BIGHIT)

Stray Kids is currently the dominant male group of Gen 4. (Photo: Pinterest)

In the girl group, the change in rankings between groups made people’s eyes widen in surprise. IVE rose to the top spot for the first time. Recently, the group made a comeback with the song ” Love Dive ” , continuously winning trophies at weekly music shows. This shows that IVE is receiving a lot of attention from the public.

IVE has just had a successful promotion with the song “Love Dive”. (Photo: M Countdown)

Fans are proud that IVE has the highest ranking. (Photo: Pinterest)

IVE is followed by (G)-IDLE. The CUBE girl group always brings a new musical style and a constantly changing image.

(G)-IDLE’s 5-member lineup is still doing well. (Photo: M Countdown)

BLACKPINK ranked 3rd, dropping 2 places compared to April. However, this is understandable because the girls have not made a comeback on the music track for a long time. The members are currently focusing on individual activities in the fashion field.

BLACKPINK has not released a new music product for more than a year. (Photo: Pinterest)

WJSN and Red Velvet finished at 4th and 5th place. WJSN received attention when participating in Queendom 2 , which is expected to have more breakthroughs. Meanwhile, Red Velvet, although somewhat quieter, is always a Gen 3 idol that people talk about.

WJSN is participating in Queendom 2 and doing their best. (Photo: Pinterest)

Red Velvet is SM’s successful girl group. (Photo: Pinterest)

The remaining 5 groups in the Top 10 are TWICE, Oh My Girl, aespa, Apink, and LE SSERAFIM, respectively. The most surprising fan was the location of LE SSERAFIM. Rookie HYBE, who just debuted, has gained a high level of discussion and has entered the chart unbelievably

The newly debuted girl group HYBE has reached the top. (Photo: Naver)

The change in rankings of boy and girl groups partly reflects how they operate in the entertainment world. The more projects there are, the more they appear, the more attention they will get.

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