The 22 most “awarded” idols in Kpop history: Surprised by both the positions of BLACKPINK and aespa!

Not BLACKPINK, guess who is the girl group that won the most awards in Kpop history?

The award is one of the measures of the popularity and success of Kpop idols. In Korea, at the end of each year, there are always large and small awards ceremonies held to honor the achievements of artists. Each trophy in hand is a pride, for both fans and idols.

Recently, a chart summarizing the number of awards of idols has been announced, showing the total number of trophies they have won at each award ceremony, including Korean Music Awars (KMAs), Golden Disc Awards (GDAs), Melon Music Awards (MMAs), Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) and Seoul Music Awards (SMAs) . First place is not an unpredictable name, but the ranking order of female artists is what surprised the public!

22nd place: aespa
aespa is probably the most annoying name in this chart. Although they have only debuted for nearly a year and a half, the girls have won a total of 14 extremely prestigious trophies, including the Daesang. At this rate, within the next few years, the group is fully capable of breaking through to the top of the Kpop girl group in terms of the number of awards.


21st place: Wanna One
Once disbanded within a year and a half, Wanna One has left a glorious mark in the music industry with a total of 14 victories at awards ceremonies, big and small. It can be seen that if there is more time to work, Wanna One will definitely become one of the top Kpop boygroups.

20th place: Taeyeon
Taeyeon is one of the most successful female solo artists of all time, as evidenced by the fact that she alone is enough to equal the number of trophies with Wanna One and aespa. Up to now, Taeyeon has owned 4 GDAs and SMAs trophies , and 3 trophies for MMAs and MAMA respectively .

19th place: BLACKPINK
After aespa, BLACKPINK is the second biggest surprise on the list. Because despite continuously bombing from Asia to Europe for several years, the number of BLACKPINK awards in their home country is extremely… meager. Specifically, the group only owns a total of 14 trophies, equal to the number of rookie aespa. Meanwhile, a clear loss is that the girls have never held a prestigious Daesang.


18th place: SG Wannabe
One of the most popular names in the Kpop music industry in the 2000s – SG Wannabe is owning 16 trophies since their debut in 2004. At GDAs , the group has been awarded 8 times, SMAs 4 times, MAMA 3 times and MMAs 1 time.

17th place: Red Velvet
Co-owning 16 trophies with senior SG Wannabe are the “Red Velvet” girls. As one of the most popular girl groups of the 3rd generation, of course, Red Velvet ‘s achievements are not average. Even in terms of the number of awards alone, the group even surpassed the most popular name in the music industry, BLACKPINK.

16th place: DBSK
During his 18-year career, DBSK has won a total of 17 prestigious awards. This number has contributed to affirming that the group is the true “Eastern Gods” of Kpop.


One nine one ten with DBSK are the legends of SHINHWA. The group is not only the oldest Kpop group, but the number of awards is not less than that of the juniors. Specifically, the group has 6 GDA wins , 5 wins at SMAs and MAMAs , along with 1 win at MMAs .

14th place: SEVENTEEN
After debuting in 2015, SEVENTEEN also has a steady career advancement and up to now has owned 17 prestigious trophies. On the occasion of the awards ceremony at the end of last year, the group also won the Daesang as an affirmation of their talent and reputation.


13th: Epik High
Not a familiar name for fans of idol groups, but Epik High is certainly one of the most successful names in Kpop. Since 2003, the group has won a total of 18 trophies, surpassing both DBSK and SEVENTEEN.

12th: CNBLUE
Gen 2 Kpop fans definitely can’t forget CNBLUE’s illustrious hits like I’m A Loner or Cinderella . The group has a total of 18 wins at award ceremonies, of which 9 are outstanding at GDAs .

11th place: 2NE1
Debuting in the same year as CNBLUE but winning more than 1 trophy were the 2NE1 girls. After the unexpected reunion at Coachella 2022, many fans expect the 4 girls to officially gather to release a new album. If this day comes true, the number of 2NE1’s trophies will certainly not stop at the current 19.


10th place: BEAST
Once BEAST and now HIGHLIGHT, the boys are truly one of the most popular boy groups of the 2nd generation. The group owns a total of 21 trophies with 8 wins in GDAs , 6 wins at MMAs and SMAs , and finally is a win at MAMA .

9th place: SISTAR
Of course, the SISTAR “summer queens” must be in the top 10! In the heyday of the 2nd generation, SISTAR was a name that often bombarded the digital music charts every time they released a new product, even being able to play with the whole national girl group, SNSD. The group currently owns a total of 22 trophies from the 5 biggest awards ceremonies in Korea.

8th place: SHINee
In 14 years, SHINee has taken home 25 trophies, 12 of which are outstanding at the SMAs . The group really has had an extremely successful and long career, to this day is still one of the top idol groups in Kpop.

7th place: BIGBANG
Perhaps it is not necessary to say too much about the kings of Kpop BIGBANG . Among the Gen 2 boy groups, BIGBANG finished 2nd in terms of the number of awards received. The success of BIGBANG is the dream of every junior.


6th place: SNSD
With a total of 32 wins from 5 of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in Korea, it can be said that SNSD’s music career is even more brilliant than other boy groups of the same time. “National Girlgroup” has taken home 11 trophies at SMAs and GDAs , in addition to 6 trophies at MMAs , 3 MAMA trophies and 1 KMAs trophy .

5th place: TWICE
And finally, the most “awarded” name in the field of girl groups is TWICE ! Although they have only been active for 7 years, the JYP girls have pocketed 34 prestigious trophies. Not only holding the Daesang Song of the Year right after debut, but in the heyday of the 3rd generation, almost no awards ceremony was without TWICE. It will probably be difficult to have a “second TWICE” in the K-pop market.


4th place: Super Junior
Super Junior – the once legendary boygroup also owns the same number of wins as TWICE at the top 5 Korean awards ceremonies. In which, the most prominent ones are 14 trophies at SMAs and 13 trophies at GDAs .

3rd place: IU
IU is the only solo artist to step into the trumpet with all the popular Kpop groups. 43 prestigious awards in 14 years have proven the terrible attraction of the “digital music queen”. Up to now, although her contemporaries have been inactive for a long time, IU still holds the Daesang regularly. Surely the number of female idol trophies will continue to increase in the future.


2nd place: EXO
As one of the most popular boy groups of the 3rd generation, it is not surprising that EXO landed 2nd place in this chart. SM boygroup currently owns 55 prestigious trophies, with 19 wins at SMAs , 14 at MMAs , 12 at GDAs , 9 at MAMA and 1 at KMAs .


1st place: BTS
Finally, the artist who closed the title of “the biggest winning idol in the history of music awards in Korea” is BTS . What a result… no surprise. With a total of 95 victories, the number of trophies of the global boygroup is currently twice as many as that of the second-ranked artist EXO, and “out presents” to all colleagues, seniors and juniors. And certainly, this number of trophies will not stop here, because the group has just confirmed that they will return with a new product called Yet To Come on June 10.



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