Fans look at details related to Jennie in G-Dragon’s post

Recently, people were very excited when they "looked up" at suspicious details on G-Dragon's Instagram story. Looking at the post, these seem to be just stylish images of BIGBANG's leader. However, if you zoom in on them, you will discover details related to BLACKPINK's Jennie.

Fans continue to discover the dating “hint” of the YG couple. (Photo: Instagram @jennierubyjane, Twitter @juyonggie)

Specifically, G-Dragon posted a photo of a bag from the Chanel brand. In particular, the texture inside the bag was designed by G-Dragon himself. People can see the word “Kim” in the left corner, “Nini” on the right. If you pair these two words together, you will get “Kim Nini”, Kim Jennie’s nickname.

2 hidden stories posted by G-Dragon caught the attention of fans. (Photo: Instagram screenshot @xxxibgdrgn)

In addition, fans quickly discovered the number “2020.2.7”, which is February 7, 2020, the time when the dating rumors of G-Dragon and Jennie broke out strongly. In the second photo, netizens were even more surprised when they saw Jennie’s signature revealed in the frame.

The points related to Jennie are carefully “checked” by netizens. (Photo: Instagram screenshot @xxxibgdrgn)

The photo of the wall has Jennie’s signature. (Photo: Instagram screenshot @xxxibgdrgn)

Also recently, the couple was noticed by the public when participating in the same event at the opening of a fashion store by designer Yoon Ahn. However, the two did not take pictures together.

G-Dragon attended the opening ceremony of designer Yoon Ahn. (Photo: Instagram: @shoe_prize)

Jennie was also present and took pictures with designer Yoon Ahn. (Photo: Instagram: @shoe_prize)

Since the morning of February 24, 2021, Dispatch revealed the dating news between Jennie and G-Dragon, both sides chose to be silent and avoid public opinion. Netizens also in turn discovered signs of the couple’s dating in the period before the rumors broke out.

Dispatch revealed the YG duo’s dating relationship for more than 1 year. (Photo: Dispatch)

Before debuting with BLACKPINK, Jennie had the opportunity to appear in the MV That XX of BIGBANG’s leader. Both of them played very romantic scenes, interacting naturally. In addition, Jennie also revealed that she was helped by G-Dragon, who taught her how to capture the camera lens.

G-Dragon and Jennie paired in MV That XX. (Photo: Wow!GD)

In the behind-the-scenes video of the Lovesick Girls MV, many people spotted a mysterious man wearing a specially designed hat for G-Dragon. In May 2020, people were surprised to see G-Dragon appear in a midnight livestream at BLACKPINK’s studio. In particular, it was also the first appearance of the male idol after a long absence.

G-Dragon is said to appear backstage to support Jennie. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)

The person who appeared backstage is said to be G-Dragon with the iconic hat. (Photo: Pinterest)

G-Dragon is present in BLACKPINK’s livestream. (Photo: Pinterest)

In addition, the two have been suspected many times by people of wearing double clothes from shirts, pants, hats to accessories. In particular, the leader of BIGBANG also actively interacts with Jennie on Instagram without being afraid of people talking. Once, the male idol posted a photo of holding someone’s hand and fans once again noticed that there was a mole on his hand that looked exactly like Jennie’s.

G-Dragon posted a picture of holding someone’s hand, fans quickly suspected it was Jennie’s hand. (Photo: Weibo)

Fans spotted G-Dragon and Jennie wearing double bracelets. (Photo: Weibo @1X1X)

The two often wear hats of the same design. (Photo: Instagram @jennierubyjane, @xxxibgdrgn)


G-Dragon once caused a commotion because of Jennie’s series of posts. (Screenshot Instagram @jennierubyjane)

It is still not possible to determine the exact relationship between G-Dragon and Jennie at the moment. However, these are also suspicious signals. Whether they are really dating or not, they are always supported and cared more about in private.


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