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Lisa (BLACKPINK) became the first Kpop idol to reach 54 million followers on Instagram, setting 4 records

Lisa (BLACKPINK) has just reached 54 million followers on Instagram, continuing to maintain the position of Kpop's social media queen.

Lisa is a member of the girl group BLACKPINK, currently she is the Kpop idol with the biggest Instagram followers. Recently, her Instagram has reached 54 million followers, still ranked first in Korea, Thailand and 6th in Asia.

Not only owning a huge number of followers, Lisa is also the first Kpop artist to own 3 photos with more than 8 million likes on this platform. With the milestone of 54 million followers, people briefly reviewed the series of records Lisa achieved, making everyone stunned by the huge attraction of YG’s beauties:

Lisa’s 4 records :

1. Korean artist has the highest number of Instagram followers.

2. Thai artist record with the most Instagram followers.

3. The record of Kpop artists with the most likes on Instagram (more than 8.5 million likes).

4. The record of Kpop artists with the most posts reaching more than 8 million likes.

Not only that, Lisa’s Lilifilm Official YouTube channel has more than 7.6 million followers with only 13 videos, and each video has attracted millions of views.

It is not uncommon for Lisa to achieve these amazing and admirable achievements. The popularity of the youngest member of BLACKPINK is not only in Korea or in Thailand, but also in many Asian countries, as well as in Europe and America. In particular, participating in activities in China also contributed to Lisa’s popularity and influence.

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