Valentino and YSL’s fierce competition for Rosé

Not only doing music activities, Rosé is also a bright name in the fashion industry when she is enthusiastically welcomed by brands. The female idol is currently the Global Ambassador of YSL. But few people know that before she “closed” that title, the brands were very fierce in competing for this “expensive rose”.

The two brands used to have an underground competition with each other for Rosé. (Photo: Naver)

Surely many fans of BLACKPINK have never heard of the Rosé “competition” between Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino. The story is that before becoming the Global Ambassador of YSL, Valentino was one of the brands that the BLACKPINK member came into contact with.

Rosé in Valentino and YSL outfits. (Photo: Naver/ IG roses_are_rosie)

Rosé contacted Valentino very early. (Photo: IG roses_are_rosie)

Rosé carries Valentino’s bag. (Photo: IG roses_are_rosie)

Following the time of 2019, Rosé many times wore Valentino’s costumes from everyday life, during scheduled trips or to events. In November of the same year, the female idol was invited by Valentino to attend the Haute Couture show held in Beijing. Here, the main vocalist of BLACKPINK scored with the media lens because of her brilliant, luxurious and attractive appearance.

Rosé attended Valentino’s big show in Beijing in 2019. (Photo: Weibo)

Rosé shines at this cult event. (Photo: Rose Chinabar)

Here, Rosé had the opportunity to interact and take photos with many “powerful” faces, including Pierpaolo Piccioli, Creative Director Valentino or Stefano Sassi, CEO of this brand. At that time, Valentino’s websites were also flooded with pictures of the female idol and gave her many “nasty” compliments.

Rosé with Valentino’s creative director. (Photo: Weibo)

Back to November 7, 2019, when Rosé wore Valentino’s “whole tree” to Beijing, at this time YSL posted on Weibo an old photo of this female idol. That’s a photo of Rosé going to the airport to Japan on October 17, 2019, where she wears YSL clothes.

Rosé on the occasion of going to the airport from Korea to Beijing to attend Valentino’s show. (Photo: OSEN)

On the day Rosé flew to Beijing to attend the Valentino show, YSL suddenly re-posted an old picture when the BLACKPINK member wore its clothes. (Photo: Newsen)

Many people think that this action of YSL is like showing affection for Rosé as well as the intention of “competiting” for the female idol before other brands. Only 2 months since then, Rosé has flown to Paris to shoot for YSL’s global campaign.

As a result, in June 2020, “Australian rose” officially became the Global Ambassador of Saint Laurent – ​​a title for the first time in the history of this brand. At that time, she was born in 1997, surprising everyone with her debut on a huge scale.

Rosé flew to Paris to film YSL’s advertising campaign. (Image: Twitter @fluffy)

Rosé in Saint Laurent’s global campaign at the time. (Photo: YSL)

Rosé as its Creative Director. (Photo: IG roses_are_rosie)

p to now, she is still booming with the position of Global Ambassador of this brand. (Photo: IG roses_are_rosie)

From that time until now, Rosé has always performed well in her role as Ambassador. Rosé’s charming, haughty and liberal image is said to be born for this empire. It is not difficult to understand that at that time, YSL had such a drastic and fast action to “fight” for Rosé.


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