10 most popular male and female idols in May 2022

The monthly brand reputation ranking of boy and girl group members is a solid basis to prove the popularity of idols. In May 2022, this list has many changes, attracting attention in the fan community.

Jennie and Jimin excellently topped the chart this month. (Photo: Pinterest)

In the women’s group, holding the 1st place is a familiar face – Jennie (BLACKPINK). In May 2022, the female idol reached 3,850,732 points, down 1.04%. Keywords related to the female idol include “Instagram”, “fashion” and “bikini”, the link is recorded as “perfect” and “bold”.

Meanwhile, the remaining members of BLACKPINK, Jisoo, hold 5th place, Lisa is 9th. Rosé alone did not enter the top 10, but only stopped at 13th.

BLACKPINK members all occupy high positions in the rankings. (Photo: Pinterest)

Following Jennie is the rising female idol – Bona (WJSN). Thanks to the charm of film projects, her name is getting more and more attention from the audience.

Bona is a rising female idol of K-pop. (Photo: Pinterest)

Hwasa (MAMAMOO) had a spectacular comeback when rising to 3rd place in the rankings. In the past month, the female idol has collaborated with PSY in a new music product, and actively participated in fashion events and advertising.

Hwasa actively “run shows” in the past month. (Photo: Pinterest)

Winter (aespa) holds the 4th place thanks to many dynamic activities at home and abroad over the past time. Meanwhile, Karina finished at 10th place. Two foreign members of the group, Giselle and NingNing, finished at 37th and 44th respectively.

Only two Korean members of aespa got high rank. (Photo: Pinterest)

Taeyeon (SNSD) proved her class as “K-pop big sister” when from the beginning of the year until now, she has never left the top 10 of the brand reputation chart. In May 2022, the female idol finished in 6th place.

Since the beginning of the year, Taeyeon has always been in the top 10. (Photo: Pinterest)

Another piece of SNSD is YoonA who also “landed” at No. 8. The remaining position in the top 10 belongs to Miyeon ((G)-IDLE). Thanks to the solo debut with the first mini-album MY, CUBE’s beauties excellently ranked 7th.

YoonA’s charm is still the same as the first day. (Photo: Pinterest)

Miyeon has a successful solo debut. (Photo: SBS)

In the male group, Jimin (BTS) continues to take the throne this month. The male idol’s score decreased by 9.42%, equivalent to 6,229,539 points. The keywords noted include “OST”, “With You”, “Our Blues”, related links are “record”, “hit a new record” and “dominate”.

Meanwhile, Suga (BTS) closely chased in second place thanks to the collaboration with “fat guy” PSY. The remaining members of BTS also occupy high positions in this month’s ranking, including Jungkook (4th), V (5th), Jin (7th), RM (13th) and J-Hope (those ranked 13th) respectively. 17).

BTS still proves the top attraction of K-pop. (Photo: Pinterest)

Kang Daniel finished in 3rd place thanks to his outstanding achievements in many fields such as music, acting and advertising. Meanwhile, G-Dragon occupies 6th place after having a feverish comeback at Chanel’s fashion show. The remaining male idols in the top 10 are Eunwoo (ASTRO) at 8th place, the two pieces of WINNER including Mino and Seungyoon sharing the last two places, 9 and 10.

Kang Daniel is the most popular member of Wanna One. (Photo: Pinterest)

G-Dragon made a grand comeback at the Chanel fashion show. (Photo: Vogue)

Mino and Seungyoon rose to the top 10. (Photo: Pinterest)

Currently, the brand reputation rankings for May 2022 are attracting a lot of attention from fans. While the low positions are gradually changing, the top positions are still mainly members of BLACKPINK and BTS.


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