G-Dragon posted a new photo, unexpectedly revealing his current relationship status with Jennie (BLACKPINK)

The relationship between G-Dragon and Jennie became the focus of attention after the latest move of the "King of Kpop".

Fans have always been curious about the real relationship between G-Dragon and Jennie ( BLACKPINK ). The two top Kpop idols have been “opened” for dating, but YG has neither confirmed nor denied. Recently, the “King of Kpop” indirectly revealed the current relationship status with Jennie. Although it is not clear, this move is enough to make people stir and talk.

G-Dragon posted a seemingly ordinary story on Instagram. It was a photo of a woman holding a Chanel t-shirt. However, it is the image of Jennie in the back that captures all the attention. Many sharp-eyed netizens immediately discovered Jennie’s photo and suspected that this place was G-Dragon’s private house. Many netizens think that the couple’s relationship is very good, so the leader of BIGBANG left a photo of his girlfriend in the house.

Many netizens think that this is a “hint” showing that G-Dragon and Jennie’s relationship is still extremely strong

However, many netizens think that this is not necessarily G-Dragon’s house. Moreover, G-Dragon has just returned from France after attending the event of Chanel – the fashion house where both G-Dragon and Jennie are ambassadors, so this is most likely a photo from the trip.

Dispatch released a series of dating photos of 2 YG idols in February 2021. It is known that Jennie often goes to G-Dragon’s house despite her busy schedule. At the time, YG Entertainment did not deny or confirm the rumors. Since then, the couple has not spoken out, people sometimes still find evidence that the two are really a couple. G-Dragon once went to the MV studio to visit Jennie, the couple also attended the opening event of designer Yoon Ahn’s store.

G-Dragon and Jennie have never spoken about dating rumors. In February of last year, people were in an uproar when Dispatch released a series of photos of the two secretly meeting

Two powerful idols who have been “looked at” close-up “love credits” are yellow bracelets

Star News also once revealed that the cult couple is still dating well. The leader of BIGBANG even visited his girlfriend at the MV studio

Both of them attended the event of designer Yoon Ahn

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