The strange management of YG company towards BLACKPINK

YG has long been famous as an entertainment company with a distinct personality, over time has launched many singers and idols. Perhaps for that reason, YG has very special management methods, through rules that are difficult for fans to understand.

The YG family has unexpectedly strict regulations. (Photo: Naver)

During an appearance on Radio Star , Mino (WINNER) once made headlines when he said that idols are forbidden to drive, not to mention that they are not allowed to buy cars no matter how hard they try. . Rosé (BLACKPINK) also said that this regulation appears to prevent artists from secretly driving on the street and once they want to get a driver’s license, they must also ask for permission and discuss it with the company first.

Jinwoo and Mino talk about the company banning idols from buying cars. (Photo: tvN)

Dara (2NE1) drives many times when appearing in her own vlog. This is not difficult to understand when she is already a longtime active idol who can be held accountable for her actions. Meanwhile, Jeon Somi is a singer under The Black Label – a subsidiary of YG Entertainment. Perhaps that is why she is not subject to too strict regulations. As a result, at the age of 20, Jeon Somi could be allowed to buy a big truck and drive on the street.

Dara is a longtime active idol so she can drive a car. (Photo: MBC)

Somi is young but has already driven to the street, the reason may be because she is active solo so she is not tightly controlled like other idols. (Photo: somisomi0309)

The next generation idols, including BLACKPINK, are carefully managed. Besides safety reasons, the “boss” of YG does not want the company’s “chicken that lays golden eggs” to drive around, accidentally creating unnecessary trouble.

Rosé once revealed that she pretends to drive in the MV, in fact she still doesn’t have a driver’s license. (Photo: YouTube BLACKPINK)

As the “chicken that lays golden eggs”, BLACKPINK is not allowed to drive or obtain a driver’s license on their own. (Photo: Naver)

During an appearance on Radio Star talk show , Bobby said that YG has set out a very strict regulation. At one point, these guys even needed to go to the convenience store and had to report back to the company. Not to mention, it is a fact that this group is not allowed to approach or greet BLACKPINK.

Bobby revealed about the long time without saying hello to BLACKPINK. (Photo: MBC)

iKON is banned from meeting BLACKPINK. (Photo: Naver)

At the time of their debut, these 4 girls had a very beautiful appearance. (Photo: IG blackpink)

“ Now we can’t even meet BLACKPINK. They don’t allow us to greet each other. When I was a trainee, I would take the initiative when I saw pretty girls but now I just tell myself ‘They’re pretty’ and give up ” – Bobby shared this in 2018. And had to get close Here, people can see BLACKPINK and iKON interacting. However, fans still want to see more “loving” brotherly moments between the two sides.

Unlike iKON, WINNER or BIGBANG interact with BLACKPINK easily. Fans often catch the moment when Jennie and Mino go out happily.

Mino is an exception, very close to the girl group BLACKPINK. (Photo: Naver)

Mino has been close to Jennie since the beginning of her activities until now. (Photo: Naver)

Jennie and G-Dragon went out to eat together. (Photo: Pann)

Lisa with the members of WINNER. (Photo: IG @maetamong)

Recently, Lisa is very close with Donghyuk (iKON). (Photo: Mnet)

It is understandable that YG does not allow iKON to contact BLACKPINK to avoid love and dating. However, it is worth mentioning that other male artists can still meet and be close to “Hac Huong”, except for iKON.

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