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Jennie (Blackpink) continues to surpass aespa, Mamamoo on the new chart

Accordingly, member Jennie - Blackpink continues to become the most popular female idol this month with a high score.

Jennie – Blackpink continues to hold high rankings in the reputation rankings.

The Korean Business Research Institute has just released the May brand reputation rankings for girl group members.

Accordingly, the rankings are determined through audience choice, media coverage, community popularity… of 579 girl group members, using data. collected from April 15 to May 15.

As a result, Blackpink’s Jennie topped the list for the second consecutive month with a brand reputation index of 3,850,732 in May.

High-ranking phrases in the singer’s keyword analysis include “Instagram,” “fashion,” and “bikini,” while her highest-ranking related terms include “perfect.” , “sexy” and “bold”. Jennie’s positive points accounted for 73.04% of the month.

Meanwhile, WJSN’s Bona firmly holds the second place with a brand reputation index of 3,385,296.

Mamamoo’s Hwasa rose to third place in May with a brand reputation index of 2,481,278, marking an impressive 190.75% increase in her score since last month.

Winter by aespa comes in at #4 with a brand reputation index of 2,340,529, marking a 44.72% increase in scores since April.

With Blackpink’s Jisoo, she entered the top 5 of May with a brand reputation index of 2,316,097.

Thus, in the top 5, there are 2 members of Blackpink, Jisoo and Jennie. Although they have not launched new products in the past time, their attraction has not cooled down.

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