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Top 5 most popular solo videos on Korean YouTube: Surprised by the position of 2 BLACKPINK members

BLACKPINK members always have great achievements on the YouTube platform.

YouTube is the world’s largest video posting platform today, most artists and groups will upload videos here. In addition to subscriptions and views, the uploaded MVs will also be evaluated for quality through likes and dislikes. However, YouTube recently added a feature to hide dislikes of videos, so now viewers can only see the total number of likes in addition to the channel owner.

Below is the chart of 5 videos of solo artists receiving the most likes on YouTube Kpop, it’s surprising that BLACKPINK has 3 positions on this list.

1. MV “Gangnam Style” – 24.2 million
PSY’s Gangnam Style has created a global phenomenon. Although released in 2012, this MV still holds the record for the fastest MV to reach 1 billion views in Kpop with only 158 days.


2. MV “LALISA” – 15.5 million
As the most anticipated solo debut of BLACKPINK, Lisa automatically became the hottest name when releasing the MV LALISA on September 10, 2021. Until September 14, YouTube Records updated the view information of the MVs within 24 hours after its release. Lisa’s LALISA MV recorded 73.6 million views.

Lisa’s number of 73.6 million views is not only at the top of Kpop, but also surpasses Taylor Swift to be at the top of the world.


3. Daechwita – 13.3 million
On May 22, 2020, Agust D (stage name during SUGA’s solo activities) suddenly “hit” the audience with a modern mixed historical MV “Daechwita”. The song in the second mixtape in SUGA’s career called “D-2” is also his next product after Eight collaborated with IU.

MV Daechwita – August D

4. MV “SOLO” – 12.9 million
On November 12, 2018, Jennie officially released her first solo music product in her career called SOLO. Jennie made fans extremely surprised and proud when she completely “transformed” in both image and musical style in this solo debut. SOLO is considered to be Jennie’s successful and impressive debut.

Notably, within just 24 hours of debuting as a solo artist, she became the artist with the most views for the debut MV with 16.1 million views, until she was surpassed by Rosé.

MV SOLO – Jennie

5. MONEY Perf.Video – 11.3 million
The youngest sister of BLACKPINK, Lisa had an impressive solo this year with LALISA and MONEY, which received many great records on music platforms. MONEY was released on September 23, although “late birth”, but the video also climbed to the top 5, surpassing Chicken Noodle Soup.

MONEY – Lisa

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