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Rosé (BLACKPINK) finally revealed her diet: So this is the secret to having the perfect look on the magazine cover?

Rosé's magazine photos (BLACKPINK) always make netizens laugh because they reach flawless perfection. But few people know that behind that are many efforts of female idols.

With her brilliant beauty, Rosé ( BLACKPINK ) has become an expensive face that is sought after by many magazines and big brands. Most recently, in an interview with Elle magazine , “Australian rose” shared about her diet before the day of the photo shoot. It turns out that thanks to this secret, Rosé always looks beautiful and attractive on the cover of the magazine.

Accordingly, Rosé has a swollen body, so although she likes to eat spicy food at night, she will not eat these foods the day before the photo shoot. If hungry in the evening, Rosé will just fast and eat nothing. Instead of eating hot and spicy food, the main vocalist of BLACKPINK tries to eat as many salads as possible.

Thanks to abstaining from spicy food and eating salad before the photo shoot, Rosé always has the most beautiful and slim look on the cover of the magazine.

But as soon as the shoot is over, Rosé will reward herself with delicious food: “It’s a bit difficult to endure. But instead, every time I finish the shoot, I’ll go eat what I like. right away”.

Rosé is known for being a food enthusiast. “Australian rose” even cried because it was delicious. Love eating but still super slim body, perhaps this is the special thing of Rosé that every girl dreams of.

Rosé has a perfectly slim body, without any excess fat that many people desire. But behind that is how many efforts of female idols

The “Australian Rose” is becoming more and more beautiful, becoming an expensive face that is sought after by many brands and magazines. In order to keep this look, the female idol always has to be careful in her diet and exercise

Close-up zoomed photos help Rosé show off her flawless beauty

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