The relationship between idol parents and their child’s group members

Stories about the lives of Korean idols always receive the attention of fans. Especially the relationship between parents and their children's band members.

Because they work in a collective, they often come into contact with each other, like a united family. However, there are also many groups that are confused from within to parents.

The relationship of idols and parents receives a lot of attention. (Photo: Pinterest)

Close family

In a program, BTS members showed their closeness with each other’s parents. Accordingly, when Jungkook called to ask his mother’s permission to bring his girlfriend home to debut, she asked if that person was Jimin or not. When she heard the answer was not what she wanted, Jungkook’s mother replied, “Go away, son, don’t come back”. Besides, she also spoke loudly, expressing her longing for and love for her son’s group member.

Jungkook’s mother expressed her love for Jimin. (Photo: TikTok @kimngocpjm)

Jungkook’s mother was extremely upset when the son brought home was not Jimin. (Photo: TikTok @kimngocpjm)

Only a small detail can be seen, BTS’s parents love their group members very much. Especially when they have stuck together from the difficult internship to the current peak of their careers.

Jimin and Suga’s mother took a photo with the BTS members. (Photo: Pinterest)

RM’s parents came to support BTS’ concert. (Photo: Pinterest)

BLACKPINK’s parents also have a close relationship with female idols. At the wedding of Jisoo’s brother, not only members of the same group but also their families came to share the joy.

Lisa’s mother and Rosé’s father attended the wedding of Jisoo’s brother. (Photo: Pinterest)

Jennie’s mother also attended the wedding with her daughter. (Photo: Pinterest)

BLACKPINK members take pictures with sister-in-law Jisoo. (Photo: Pinterest)

Lisa’s parents also love BLACKPINK when they entertain and treat the members like their own children when they come to Thailand. Not stopping there, parents also attended the concert, holding banners of YG Entertainment’s girl group to cheer on the stands.

Lisa’s mother came to the concert to support BLACKPINK. (Photo: Pinterest)

Lisa’s parents take pictures with their fans. (Photo: Pinterest)

BLACKPINK members were welcomed by Lisa’s parents when they arrived in Thailand. (Photo: Pinterest)

Parents accuse fake members

Unlike BLACKPINK and BTS, the relationship between MOMOLAND’s parents and group members is quite strained. Specifically, when the controversy of Daisy leaving the group because of “health problems” occurred, the female idol’s mother commented on social networks, accusing her daughter’s teammates of fake, two-faced lives. This made fans extremely confused and surprised.

MOMOLAND has many member fluctuations. (Photo: Pinterest)

“I’m really sad and tired. Anger is at its peak but I can’t speak”, “I want to see a smile on my daughter’s face. Daisy is really sad and she will be energized when there is a smile on her face. everyone’s concern”, “Treason, falsehood, cover-up, two-faced. Are these good friends?”. These are the comments of Daisy’s mother when talking about MOMOLAND.

Daisy’s mother accuses her group members of living a fake life. (Photo: Pinterest)

After controversial comments from Daisy’s mother, the noise of her departure from the group gradually subsided. However, fans are still extremely confused when they do not know the exact relationship of the two sides. Currently, MOMOLAND is also active with 6 members.

MOMOLAND is currently active with 6 members. (Photo: Pinterest)

Daisy left the group and did not have many outstanding activities after leaving the group. (Photo: Pinterest)

The relationship between parents and idols always attracts a lot of attention from the audience. If BTS and BLACKPINK are very affectionate and treat each other like a family, MOMOLAND will be in trouble again.

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