The rising beauty of Jisoo’s sister (BLACKPINK)

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is mentioned as one of the visuals representing the 3rd generation K-pop. However, the female idol once said that she was the worst in the family. Seeing Jisoo’s growing appearance recently, people understand why Jisoo is so humble.

Jisoo’s sister is not a K-pop idol, but she has beautiful beauty. (Photo: Instagram jiyyoon_s2)

The close-up selfie photos also do not make it difficult for Jiyoon’s beauty. (Photo: Instagram jiyyoon_s2)

Jisoo’s older sister, Jiyoon, is married and has a child. However, at the age of 32, she still possesses a beautiful beauty that makes many people fall in love. Jiyoon’s facial features are elegant and harmonious. The single eyelid eyes are still impressive and the bridge of the nose is high. Like Jisoo, Jiyoon also has fair skin.

Jiyoon ‘s facial features exude a gentle, clear look. (Photo: Instagram jiyyoon_s2)

With skin as smooth as a baby, it is hard to believe that Jiyoon has given birth. (Photo: Instagram jiyyoon_s2)

The angle showing off the high nose bridge of Jisoo’s sister made fans sob. (Photo: Instagram jiyyoon_s2)

Jiyoon has an impressive fashion sense. She does not promote expensive branded items, but chooses items that are suitable for her body shape and even more “age hack”. Jisoo’s sister rarely wears cut-out dresses, but chooses discreet and elegant clothes.

Jiyoon’s lovely moment in the snow. (Photo: Instagram jiyyoon_s2)

She likes discreet sweaters to keep warm, eye-catching textures so it’s not boring. (Photo: Instagram jiyyoon_s2)

Jiyoon’s teen dress style also inspires young people. (Photo: Instagram jiyyoon_s2)


White T-shirt, loose pants and active sports shoes, Jisoo’s sister makes people think like a young woman in her twenties. (Photo: Instagram jiyyoon_s2)

Like her sister, Jiyoon has a hobby of taking pictures in front of a mirror. (Photo: Instagram jiyyoon_s2)

People also regret that Jiyoon is not active in art. (Photo: Instagram jiyyoon_s2)

Jiyoon and Jisoo’s sister both have similar features. However, each person exudes a unique aura. Therefore, when looking at Jiyoon’s beauty, fans always regret that she did not debut as an idol or actress. Otherwise, Kbiz has another super hit visual.

– Jisoo is pretty, her sister is pretty too.

– Jisoo’s family is a beauty product.

– After giving birth, still beautiful.

– It’s a waste not to be an idol.

​Jiyoon is extremely charismatic in the close-up photo. (Photo: Instagram jiyyoon_s2)

Kbiz would have had one more visual masterpiece if Jiyoon had followed art. (Photo: Instagram jiyyoon_s2)

Jisoo’s family all have dominant genes, not only Jisoo and her sister, but also the female idol brother, are also extremely beautiful. Rare photos of Jung Hun are often mistaken for a K-pop idol.

The beauty of 3 members of Jisoo’s family used to make people talk. (Photo: Pinterest)

Jisoo’s brother is said to have an idol-like appearance. (Photo: Pinterest)

People commented that Jung Hun is like the male version of Jisoo. (Photo: Naver)

The genetic beauty of the Jisoo family really makes many people jealous. The female idol’s sister, although married and gave birth to a child, is always young. This proves that she is in a happy marriage.

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