Bustling photos of V (BTS) secretly driving a private car to date Jennie (BLACKPINK)?

The image that is said to be the dating evidence of Jennie (BLACKPINK) and V (BTS) is causing controversy among netizens everywhere.

Most recently, on social networks, an image allegedly of V (BTS) and Jennie (BLACKPINK) has been spread on social networks . In this image, V is driving, and the girl believed to be Jennie is sitting next to him. This surprisingly close image has raised the suspicion that the two popular idols are secretly dating. This caused a stir among netizens because Jennie was “disclosed” by Dispatch about dating G-Dragon from 2021. Did the “YG princess” break up with G-Dragon to come to the male god BTS?

This image raises suspicions that V and Jennie are secretly dating

This image has caused netizens everywhere to argue vehemently. Many fans think that this is just a collage, the original photo belongs to V and J-Hope in the show In The Soop . However, there are also opinions that this is a real photo, because V’s hairstyle and J-Hope’s glasses in the show are completely different. Moreover, Jennie has the exact same glasses as the glasses the girl is wearing in the viral photo.

Many fans believe that the original photo belongs to V and J-Hope from In The Soop

However, Jennie has the same glasses as the girl in the picture, making fans “fuzzy” not knowing which is the truth.

BTS and BLACKPINK are inherently two arch-rivals, that’s why V and Jennie don’t have much interaction. Even Jennie was “terrorized” because V (BTS) accidentally pressed the button to follow her. However, the couple was constantly photographed by fans and “pushed the boat”. These composite images are so realistic that many fans think they are real.

Fans used to combine countless photos of V and Jennie with real love


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