BLACKPINK once told it all on Rolling Stone: Lisa suddenly talked about marriage, Jennie was touched by the promise of 70 years old

BLACKPINK has become the first K-pop girl group to appear on the cover of the prestigious Rolling Stone magazine. Here, the girls shared many future plans.

It seems that BLACKPINK ‘s comeback date is getting closer than ever. Most recently, the 4 YG girls became the first Kpop girl group to appear on the cover of the famous American Rolling Stone .

The top-notch beautiful appearance and extremely attractive charisma of the BLACKPINK members have quickly become a hot topic. Besides the show off, “Hac Huong” also shared stories that have never been revealed before. Notable are the revelations about the group’s future and even… marriage plans.

YG’s girl group appeared extremely powerful in Rolling Stone magazine

The BLACKPINK queens are preparing to come back for real!

The youngest Lisa confided about BLACKPINK in a decade: “Will BLACKPINK’s activities really last for the next 10 years? We were almost 40 years old at that time. There will be a day when we get married and take care of our own affairs. But when I saw the Spice Girls reunite, I thought to myself, can we do the same?

Jennie again had a very heartwarming share about BLACKPINK’s commitment and solidarity, even in 40 years: “Even when we are 70 years old and each has our own life. It sounds cheesy but deep. In my heart, I never thought BLACKPINK would disappear. BLACKPINK is part of my family. You can never deny your own family.”


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