Lisa once wanted to give up her dream of being an idol, never thought about BLACKPINK disbanding

Lisa revealed more things about her difficult time as a trainee.

Recently in a photo shoot and interview with Rolling Stone music magazine, Lisa (BLACKPINK) shared about her life and music career. She revealed more about the difficulties during the trainee period, at times she wanted to give up to debut. Lisa’s process of training and going to success was actually much more difficult when she was a foreign idol and had to leave her family to be independent from a young age.

Lisa on Rolling Stone’s single cover

When asked about her childhood dream, Lisa revealed that she wanted to be a flight attendant: “I want to be a flight attendant. I went to Singapore with my family and saw a lot of beautiful flight attendants. … As soon as I arrived in Singapore, I asked my mother to buy me a uniform like the sisters, but unfortunately I did not meet the height regulations to carry overhead luggage.”

If she didn’t become a part of BLACKPINK, maybe Lisa would be a good fit to be a flight attendant

For more than 5 years as a trainee to debut with BLACKPINK, Lisa has lived in stress and pressure, sometimes wanting to stop. But beyond all that, thanks to her mother’s encouragement and artistic dreams, Lisa managed to hold on and successfully become BLACKPINK’s million-loved youngest sister.

Idol trainees are really tough and stressful work

Sharing about that difficult time, Lisa always mentions her mother as the person who holds her back to her dream: “My mother told me, ‘Don’t come back quickly. Try to hold on for another year, baby’. There was a time when I wanted to say, ‘I just want to go back to school.’ Our debut plans kept getting postponed and I couldn’t see a future. Do we have to do the test every month?”

When Lisa told her mother that I wanted to give up, her mother said, “Think of your situation now. How many children want to take your place? If you give up and return to Thailand, will can you live a normal life? You just have to try again. You’re already there, just try to last until the end.”

Lisa persevered through the difficult time to successfully debut with BLACKPINK

Talking about BLACKPINK, Lisa also shared that she and the BLACKPINK members never thought about disbanding:

“We didn’t even talk about this with each other. We just joked that ‘Jisoo unnie is going to live in Hawaii, and Lisa is going back to Thailand’. But I don’t want to think about the ending, it’s really very nice. sad… I mean, won’t BLACKPINK be around for at least another 10 years? We’ll be almost 40 then. ”

BLACKPINK bonded together like family

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