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BLACKPINK Jennie’s global fandom states they will band together to defend the idol from dating rumors

With both agencies (HYBE and YG) staying silent in regards to the recent dating rumors between BLACKPINK's Jennie and BTS's V, fans have taken matters into their own hands and released a statement.

On May 25, Jennie’s fan club (Jennie Global Union) released a statement regarding the dating rumors that had recently surfaced. The statement was released through social media explaining that the dating rumors between the idol and BTS member V have been spreading indiscriminately, and the Jennie Global Union will be taking action against these indiscriminate rumors.

Jennie Global Union wrote, “Just recently, rumors involving Jennie have surfaced and the involved companies have chosen not to put out statements addressing the issue at hand and it has perpetuated a very foul impression towards Jennie.”

The union continued to explain, “The media and the fans/non-fans with ill intentions have interpreted online activities that are now negatively affecting the public’s opinion towards Jennie.”

Jennie Global Union explained they will be taking action working with YG Entertainment against the individuals who spread malicious information as well as ungrounded false information. They wrote, “At this point, we will be taking action. Earlier this year, YG Entertainment reiterated that they will be closely ascertaining those who are issuing defamation against the company’s artists. We will be collecting posts regarding this situation that portrays Jennie in a very negative perspective without any evidence.”

Meanwhile, both YG Entertainment and HYBE have yet to make a statement in regards to the latest dating rumors of BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s V. The dating rumor was sparked when a netizen posted a photo of two individuals, who looked much like Jennie and V, driving in a car on Jeju Island. The photo was uploaded on May 22, and many netizens have been talking about the photo since and debating whether or not the photo is authentic or not. Since that time, there have been additional posts claiming that Jennie and V were indeed vacationing in Jeju Island together as they were seen on the flight by various airline employees.

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