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BTS fan’s actions hurt female idol jennie blackpink.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) is one of the most influential female idols today

However, at the same time, she also has a strong anti-fan base. Many times, Jennie was criticized for being unreasonable, making fans angry and the female idol herself was also hurt.

Jennie was hurt by the anti-fan’s criticism. (Photo: Rolling Stone)

Recently, Jennie and her teammates appeared on Rolling Stone magazine. In addition to the beautiful images, the female idol has shared a lot about her life and career. Jennie said that she herself was hurt by the story of “looking at your face and taking pictures”.

Jennie and BLACKPINK appeared extremely hot on Rolling Stone. (Photo: Rolling Stone)

The main rapper of BLACKPINK confided, “When I was young, people used to say that I was too shy. I was not energetic and energetic at all; I was extremely shy, even about saying hello. Recently I realized that I had to say hello, or else it would be easy to create misunderstandings, so I came out of my former shell.

Back when I was a trainee, I used to hear, ‘Why does Jennie always look so upset?’ At that time I felt very hurt. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. It’s just that I’m extremely shy in front of other people. Instead of feeling hurt, I accept it and try harder next time.”

Just because of a greeting, Jennie was subjected to a lot of scrutiny. (Photo: Rolling Stone)

Even though she was hurt, she still tried to overcome it. (Photo: Rolling Stone)

Recently, Jennie was also involved in dating rumors with V (BTS). If you are a longtime fan, you will surely know the “unlikely” relationship between the two fandoms BLINK and ARMY. Not to mention, many fans also pointed out that the image of a couple dating in Jeju Island is a product of photoshop, which HYBE Labels intentionally released to quiet the “college sister” scandal of Kim Garam (LE SSERAFIM).

The image of Jennie and V dating on Jeju Island went viral. (Photo: Naver)

The original photo is said to be edited from the moment of V and J-Hope in the show In The Soop. (Photo: Pinterest)

This dating case is suspected of intentionally covering up for Kim Garam. (Photo: Pinterest)

However, up to now, YG Entertainment has not made any move to correct the rumors. This has caused Jennie to face a wave of fierce criticism from fans of V and BTS. Previously, when this male idol accidentally followed Jennie’s Instagram account, she also suffered the same action from fans. Recently, Jennie’s fandom spoke out, asking the media not to associate with V to protect the idol.

Jennie received many critical comments even though she had nothing to do with it. (Photo: Pinterest)

BTS fans’ actions hurt the female idol. (Photo: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

Not only with V, before when Jennie was reported to be dating G-Dragon (BIGBANG), YG Entertainment also had a vague correction. This makes fans suspect that the company is doing dirty communication, and the two idols suffer.

Jennie and G-Dragon were exposed to dating news. (Photo: Dispatch)

The dating rumor was not corrected, causing Jennie to be criticized. (Photo: Pinterest)

Previously, when participating in a live broadcast, the MC asked Jennie to read the comments. However, the bottom is full of negative words that make the female idol sad after watching. Fortunately, thanks to the members’ encouragement next to her, Rosé even shouted, “We love Jennie”.

Jennie’s color changed when she read the comments. (Photo: TikTok @bibibubu_11)

Many times, Jennie got entangled in unnecessary noises, making fans extremely angry. However, YG has never once defended the female idol.

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