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Blackpink’s costume price cut at the British Embassy in Korea

On May 26, BLACKPINK was present at the British Embassy in Korea to attend the Queen's Platinum Celebration party.

The appearance of the YG girls is interested and watched by the public. Besides, many people praised BLACKPINK’s outfit at the party.

BLACKPINK appeared at the Queen’s Platinum Celebration. (Photo: Newsis)

With a strong and personal girlcrush style, but BLACKPINK in the ceremony became gentle and elegant girls. The group that chose black and white as the main color looked very polite. The polite demeanor helps the girls quickly be loved by the people.

BLACKPINK received many compliments thanks to its simple and elegant fashion style. (Photo: Newsis)

In it, Lisa stands out when wearing the “tree” of CELINE on her body. The female idol wears a white Boyfriend Shirt shirt with a bow at the neck, accompanied by a pair of trousers

Followed by a range of luxury jewelry and accessories, including valuable necklaces, belts and earrings. In general, the youngest member of BLACKPINK is both elegant and luxurious. However, many netizens commented that the outfit made Lisa look older.

Lisa’s outfit was praised by the people for being simple but impressive. (Photo: Lisa Style ID)

The youngest member of BLACKPINK captures the love of the public. (Photo: Newsis)

Rosé brings elegance, classic but no less stylish. The female idol chooses a pepper brown jacket. Inside is a plain black swimsuit. “Australian Rose” combines loose-fitting pants with black, pointed-toe heels

Rosé wears little jewelry but only a necklace from the brand Tiffany & Co. .

Rosé wears a simple but extremely expensive outfit. (Photo: Blackpinks Style4)

People praised Rosé for having a luxurious and powerful temperament. (Photo: Newsis)

Carrying the two titles of Brand Ambassadors of Dior and Cartier, Jisoo mixes outfits and accessories of both fashion “big guys”. BLACKPINK’s eldest sister wears a Dior “tree” including a white short-sleeved shirt, sweater, and an A-shaped skirt.

Besides, the female idol chooses a leather strap watch. As for jewelry, she favors Cartier brand with necklaces and 2 rings

The eldest sister Jisoo fulfills the role of Ambassador for both luxury fashion houses. (Photo: Jisoo Closet)

Jisoo looks very gentle and loving. (Photo: Newsis)

Meanwhile, Jennie was the most casual member at the ceremony. The extremely “burning” orange hair has also been dyed darker. The female idol wears a costume from Chanel. However, it was cropped by the stylist, turning the original outfit into an elegant dress.

In addition, Jennie accentuated the “outfit” with a bow tie belt from Métiers D’Art. Finally, a pair of luxurious pointed toe heels

Jennie wears a simple but no less luxurious outfit. (Photo: Jendeuke Style)

Choosing light-toned makeup helps Jennie not to be “dumb”. (Photo: Newsis)

In particular, BLACKPINK attended this event as the UN Climate Change Ambassador, the title awarded in November 2021. In addition, Rosé delivered a speech to congratulate the Queen’s birthday, as well as celebrate the Platinum Anniversary, marking 70 years of service for the Queen of England.

Rosé represented the congratulatory speech at the ceremony. (Photo: Newsis)

Close-up of the outfit BLACKPINK wore at the party. (Photo: Allkpop)

Looking at the series of photos at the party, people praised BLACKPINK’s appearance and temperament. Besides, the group’s fans are extremely proud of their idols, constantly expressing their joy on social networks. As can be seen, the appearance of BLACKPINK in public rarely disappoints people.

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