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A series of difficult moments of BLACKPINK in the backstage of the magazine shoot

On May 24, Rolling Stone magazine published Lisa's personal article along with a behind-the-scenes photo clip.

However, just a few seconds at the beginning of the video, fans were able to see Lisa’s funny moment. Overall, she looks both cute and funny.

Personal photo of Lisa in Rolling Stone magazine. (Photo: Rolling Stone)

In the personal photo, Lisa wears a costume from the Celine fashion house. The brand ambassador girl wears a minimalist white 3-hole t-shirt with jeans and accents with expensive ring accessories. However, watching the behind-the-scenes video, people discovered that the youngest member of BLACKPINK was still wearing sandals from the Crocs brand.

The photo doesn’t show Lisa’s legs with an immense charisma. (Photo: Rolling Stone)

The moment Lisa wore slippers in the backstage photo shoot of Rolling Stone magazine. (Photo: Screenshot of Rolling Stone)

When on screen, the female idol wore luxurious black boots, so fans could not believe her moment of wearing slippers. The sandals look out of place with the outfit, plus Lisa’s stance and expression make fans laugh. Many fans also ask for “cheap moments” with female idols.

In the full body photos, Lisa wears luxurious boots. (Photo: Rolling Stone)

Looking at her charisma, fans did not expect the female idol to be wearing sandals. (Photo: Eternal Light)

Fans “caught” Lisa’s “muddy” expression in the backstage of the group photo. (Photo: Screenshot of Rolling Stone)

This is not the first time fans have caught a muddy moment of Lisa backstage. As a brand ambassador for big brands, Lisa is always professional in magazines, posing attractively. But because he only took the upper part, female idols often wear slippers to make their feet comfortable.

The brand ambassador always appears in the magazine very well. (Photo: Rolling Stone)

When taking a photo with a cosmetic brand, Lisa also attracted attention when wearing sandals. While the female idol wears a luxurious outfit with an attractive charisma, a pair of red slippers and black socks appear below.

Fans enjoyed watching behind the scenes taking photos with Lisa’s cosmetics. (Photo: Instagram @_pinks04)

In addition to Lisa, the BLACKPINK sisters also made people laugh and cry when they watched behind the scenes taking photos of magazines. The photo of “Australian rose” promoting the Saint Laurent brand with shiny blonde hair and seductive aura once made fans stand still. However, in the behind-the-scenes video, the female idol wears white slippers. Not only that, the cross-legged posture, right toe resting on the left heel made fans burst into laughter.

The close-up photo shows off Rosé’s salty beauty. (Photo: VOGUE)

Rosé’s difficult backstage made fans laugh and cry. (Photo: TikTok screenshot @thinh_anne)

Jennie is famous for her chic and attractive magazine photos. In the posted photo, the female idol appears gorgeous, extremely luxurious. But looking at the behind-the-scenes photos, people were surprised when Jennie sat on wooden blocks and covered her lap with a blanket while taking pictures.

Jennie’s top beauty makes many people fascinated. (Photo: Pinterest)

Behind-the-scenes photos make people unexpected. (Photo: Facebook BLACKPINK Vietnam FC)

Last time on Marie Claire magazine, BLACKPINK’s behind-the-scenes photos were passed on by fans because they were so funny. While the official photo exudes the immense aura of the 4 girls, the behind-the-scenes photo shoot looks quite different and messy. I thought the photo was taken in a grand studio, but in fact, BLACKPINK was just sitting on an old mattress next to the corner of the wall. Fans not only laughed because of the members’ appearance and loose hair, but also because of the slippers on the floor.

BLACKPINK on the magazine received many compliments. (Photo: Marie Claire)

Behind-the-scenes photo shoot with slippers around. (Photo: Facebook BLACKPINK Vietnam FC)

As ambassadors of the “big men” in the fashion industry, BLACKPINK in the magazine is always neat and exudes a luxurious aura. Therefore, the girls’ difficult behind-the-scenes moments make fans extremely excited. In particular, the youngest Lisa always gives the audience a feeling of closeness and simplicity, conquering a large number of fans.

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