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The BLACKPINK member who went through the most hair transformations in the group AKP STAFF

Netizens say they didn't expect this BLACKPINK member to have gone through the most hair transformations in the group.

Recently on a popular online community, a post about a BLACKPINK member who changed her hairstyle the most in the group caught netizens’ eyes. The original poster says the answer may surprise you and the member in question is none other than Rose.

Sharing a hairstyle compilation image of Rose, he wrote that Rose wore silver, blonde, brown, red, pink, and purple hair. Many netizens shared that they were surprised because they somehow thought Rose always had blonde hair.

Some of the comments are: “I thought she always had blonde hair. This is surprising.”

“I expected to see Jennie as an answer and now I’m surprised.”

“I think her hair transformations feel less dramatic and memorable because nothing much changes other than colors.”

“Somehow I think of blonde hair whenever I think of Rose lol”

“I really thought it was going to be Lisa haha Rose looks pretty in every color.”

Did you guess right?

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