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Netizens joke that BTS’s V and G-Dragon must be dating based on their recent Instagram updates

Netizens are now making jokes about BTS's V and G-Dragon.

On an online community forum, netizens butted heads as they attempted to decode V’s Instagram based on his ongoing dating scandal with BLACKPINK’s Jennie. For instance, media outlets also noted how V’s recent update might be ‘targeted’ toward G-Dragon.

On May 30, G-Dragon uploaded a series of photos with the caption meaning, “As free as the clouds.” Shortly afterwards, V took to his Instagram Story and posted a photo of himself in the middle of indoor skydiving. On the image, V wrote: “Let’s go pick (some) clouds.”

In the midst of these posts, some guessed that V might have targeted G-Dragon, who was also embroiled in dating rumors with Jennie. However, others joked that V and G-Dragon might be engaged in a ‘lovestagram,’ because V had already posted photos of clouds even before G-Dragon’s update. One netizen wrote: “Are V and G-Dragon lurking in each other’s accounts? LOL”

In general, netizens are saying that V’s follow-up post about ‘picking clouds’ after sharing his photo of the sky was “perfectly natural.” On the other hand, a top-voted comment on the forum post expressed that “as an ARMY, I would prefer it if V didn’t use Instagram for the time being.”

Other reactions include:

“G-Dragon and V are dating, and the person who linked them up is Jennie”

“I can’t believe people are calling it evidence just because V wrote about clouds”

“It is a little funny and strange, this entire situation”

“Even if both of their scandals were true, it wouldn’t make sense for V to do thatㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

“Everyone is getting smarter and funnier, even the netizens”

“I feel bad for the fans who are confused while V and G-Dragon are just having fun”

“As a non-fan, I can’t help but just enjoy seeing these posts”

What do you think?

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