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How beautiful is Jisoo Blackpink on her recent trip to Madrid

Blackpink's Jisoo always attracts attention with her beautiful appearance that is praised by many when combining elegance, sophistication and natural "visual".

Whether on stage, taking selfies or just hanging out, Jisoo is always beautiful.

Jisoo is so beautiful that brands are scrambling to have female idols represent them at events around the world.

Jisoo recently arrived in Madrid (Spain) as Cartier’s newest ambassador to attend the brand’s new High Jewelry Collection event, taking place on June 13-15.
Ever since Jisoo was introduced as an ambassador, netizens all know that she is the perfect representative of the brand.

While Jisoo shines at big events like this, her recent trip to Madrid has also attracted the attention of netizens with her face… no makeup.

Jisoo shared some updates in Madrid and the idol definitely seems to be enjoying some time off and traveling around the city to see some of the best places.

However, in addition to the scene, netizens also noticed that Jisoo was radiant without makeup.
Many pictures were taken in the park and Jisoo seems to be in the middle of Madrid nature and it looks like she is enjoying a vacation with her friends abroad.

Jisoo then posted several videos of herself and it is clear that if the female idol wears any makeup, it is minimal.
The bare face makes Jisoo seem younger and fresher. Eating churros, Jisoo seemed different from the times when she had to act a certain way.

One particular video seems to have caught the attention of netizens and has been viewed on social media more than 35,000 times.
In the clip, Jisoo seems to be enjoying what nature has to offer in a beautiful park.

It is undeniable that Jisoo’s youthful image looks like a high school student despite being 27 years old.
It’s no surprise that netizens can’t help but whisper about Jisoo’s “visual” and the set of photos has been liked by more than 5.5 million.

However, this is not the first time Jisoo has captivated fans with her natural look.
Back in February, Jisoo went on Weverse and posted photos after she woke up… but still looking pretty with her bare face and messy hair.

Jisoo always tries to look pretty. It is these moments that show that she really is a natural queen with “visual” and flawless beauty.

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