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Jisoo suddenly spoils the melody of BLACKPINK’s new song, Jennie quickly “shhh” a soul!

What is this? BLACKPINK is coming back soon, right?

On the evening of June 18, BLACKPINK gathered at a live broadcast event called Show You Like That . This is a special event with the appearance of all 4 members after a series of days without any collective activities. Here, the group interacted with BLINK with many interesting activities.





BLACKPINK has received gifts from Filipino fans, including many musical instruments such as the ukulele, sungka (a type of traditional instrument)… Many instruments on hand, the Hac Huong sister association improvised the music. Jisoo and Jennie played a part of the tune that looked like it was a good match, to the support of Lisa and Rosé.

BLACKPINK reveals a tune that Jisoo says is the group’s new song

Jisoo and Jennie playing a tune together

In particular, Jisoo confidently said that this is our new song. Jennie was extremely surprised and snorted a secret signal, making Jisoo only laugh. What is BLACKPINK planning?

Jisoo even said this is our new song and made Jennie panic, snorting a signal to keep it a secret

According to the predictions of financial experts, in the fourth quarter (October, 11 and 12), fans can witness a group comeback and an online concert of BLACKPINK. The fact that BLACKPINK actively spoils the new song like this makes fans even more eagerly looking forward to the comeback of the 4 girls in the near future.

Looks like BLACKPINK is about to make a comeback?


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