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“I had to give myself up for the team,” Kim Taehyung shares heartfelt message as BTS announces group hiatus to pursue solo projects

On June 14, BTS held a FESTA dinner celebrating their 9th anniversary as a group and dropped some shocking news to ARMYs.

BTS officially announced that group activities will be put on hiatus for the foreseeable future, and the members will be focusing on solo projects. The members also discussed their decision to focus on their solo careers.

Kim Taehyung, aka V, expressed that he had many things he wanted to try in the previous years but was unable to as the group had to be prioritized. Taehyung hopes that the new era will give him the opportunity to show many sides of himself that people have not seen before.

Taehyung later came on Weverse and shared a heartfelt message dedicated to the fans. He talked about how he had to give up personal desires for the group and how he believes the new chapter of focusing on themselves as individuals will lead to the longevity of BTS.

“For the past 10 years, we kept on looking upwards, and I realized it was scary. I had to give myself up for the team. Right after happiness, there were countless exhaustion and difficulties. It is now the start of us taking healthy steps in order to remain as Bangtan for a very long time.” – Kim Taehyung

Fans are looking forward to Taehyung’s future projects and seeing him grow as an individual.

Earlier today, a spin-off series of ‘In the Soop’ featuring the ‘Wooga Squad’ members was also announced. It is believed to be the first of Taehyung’s many activities outside BTS after the end of ‘Proof’s’ promotions. The show is coming this July with the title of ‘In the SOOP: Friendship Trip.’

Watch the full video of their dinner and announcement below.

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