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Will Blackpink or TWICE replace BTS as the No. 1 K-pop group?

The fact that BTS members separate as solos is an opportunity for groups to rise above and take the throne that BTS monopolizes.

BTS members’ decision to pause group activities to focus on solo careers surprised the public. After the news was announced, the public began to discuss the group that will take the place of BTS.

Looking at the current groups as a whole, many people mention Blackpink and TWICE as two names that are capable of replacing and breaking through to take the No.

Blackpink, with their explosive successes, has gradually affirmed their position on the world music map.

According to the “Global Hallyu Trends Report 2021” released by the Korea International Cultural Exchange Agency, the top Korean artist in the K-pop field is BTS, while BLACKPINK ranks second.

Culture experts consider BTS and Blackpink to be the center of K-pop, according to Allkpop. Looking at last year’s ‘most loved K-pop artists’ chart voted by foreign fans, BTS is at the top with 22%, followed by Blackpink with 12.5%. The difference between first and second place is a huge number.

Meanwhile, PSY (2.5%) is in 3rd place, TWICE (2.4%) is in 4th place and EXO (2.1%) is in 5th place.

In addition, Blackpink’s wide coverage is clearly shown on the YouTube platform. Currently, the number of subscribers to Blackpink’s official YouTube channel has reached 74.7 million.

The 4 YG girls are also the artists who own the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world. In 2018, they signed a contract with Interscope Records – a record label under Universal Music.

Thanks to that, Blackpink has the opportunity to collaborate with world-class pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa, Cardi B, etc.

According to Allkpop, one of the reasons the group is able to expand its influence globally is due to the diverse backgrounds of the members. Jisoo was born in Korea, Rosé grew up in New Zealand, Jennie studied abroad and Lisa is from Thailand.

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