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Check out the expensive phone case model with a special design of Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

It's been a while since Jisoo changed her phone case.

Recently, the Cosmic Girls (WJSN) members ended the first day of a two-day concert called 2022 WJSN Concert – Wonderland, held at Olympic Hall Seoul.

During the performance of WJSN members, netizens discovered that other idols also came to the concert to support their close friends, including BLACKPINK’s eldest sister – Jisoo.

Although appearing with an outfit that is not too prominent, netizens also quickly peeled off the prices of Jisoo’s items to “cheap moments”. In particular, her phone case model is quite expensive with a special design.

The case model called Pillow case comes from the popular Korean star’s favorite case brand – Casetify. The product has a shockproof float design when falling and hitting the phone, is water resistant with a glossy material that feels soft and comfortable. Although there is a certain bulge, the product is still well compatible with wireless charging.

The Pillow case also allows you to design a texture or name on the back to make it unique for the owner, the product has a price of 60 USD , with which Jisoo also uses an extra model. String Ting’s decorative string costs 35 pounds . So the model that Jisoo is using is quite expensive

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