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BLACKPINK and passion for piercings

BLACKPINK since debut has been shaped like a girlcrush, always looking cool and cool

The group also brings different fashion trends. One of them is playful piercing. Fans were even more surprised when they discovered that the person with the most piercings in BLACKPINK is not a dancer or a rapper.

BLACKPINK members all own unique earrings. (Photo: Pinterest)

Jisoo is the girl who surprises the most with the piercings she owns. (Photo: Pinterest)

When it comes to the member with the most piercings, people have to call Jisoo’s name. Having a somewhat gentle and luxurious image like a radio lady, the standard visual of “Miss Korea”, but the eldest sister of BLACKPINK shows the quality of playing through her earrings.

Up to now, Jisoo has 10 earrings, including 6 positions on the right and 4 positions on the left. The female idol also appeared many times with the image of her piercing piercing. Fans once wondered if the BLACKPINK visual would feel pain when getting piercings.

Jisoo’s earrings always make fans admire every time they look at them. (Photo: Pinterest)

The female idol’s left ear currently has 4 holes, often wearing small but luxurious earrings. (Photo: off the page)

Fans found out 10th place Jisoo chose piercing. (Photo: Pinterest)

Recently, fans rarely see Jisoo wearing many earrings. When attending fashion events, she only wears earrings in the basic position. This is supposed to match the specified program image.

Jisoo in recent events has refrained from wearing earrings. (Photo: Instagram sooyaaa__)

After Jisoo, Jennie has a passion for piercings. The female idol born in 1995 also has 5 piercings in her left ear, not a medium size. People commented on Jennie that sometimes she is cute and innocent, when she is full of “silly” that makes anyone easily attracted to that charm.

Earrings are accessories that help Jennie add personality and become more attractive. (Photo: Pinterest)

Jennie always looks haughty and playful like that. (Photo: Pinterest)

Recently, Jennie shared a series of photos in a photo shoot. Fans were surprised when they saw the female idol’s lip piercing. Even though they know this is just fake advice, fans still express their interest, hoping the main rapper will put this image in the MV.

Jennie with an impressive lip piercing that fans hope is real. (Photo: Instagram jennierubyjane)

Lisa in the eyes of fans is always a girl full of personality and cool on stage. However, the number of female idols’ earrings is not much. BLACKPINK’s youngest member has 5 piercings, but that’s enough for her to exude her own playfulness.

Lisa doesn’t wear too many earrings but still looks impressive. (Photo: Pinterest)

2 small piercings are worn by Lisa on the right. (Photo: Pinterest)

A shape of Lisa’s lip piercing once made people stir because of her personality. (Photo: YG)

In addition to the basic piercing, Rosé also has a small piercing on her left ear. However, the main vocalist BLACKPINK rarely wears these earrings,

Fans rarely see Rosé wearing all the earrings in all her piercings. (Photo: rose_pasta)

In another photo, fans think that Rosé also has a piercing on the top. (Photo: First Love)

When taking pictures of magazines, the female idol also only wears one piercing, but it is enough to make people fall in love. (Photo: Weibo)

BLACKPINK with earrings always captivates fans when looking at them. This is a way for girls to create their own uniqueness.

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