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Why will Lisa be in “danger” when Blackpink disbands?

If Blackpink disbands , compared to the other 3 members, Lisa will be in the most "dangerous" position. Why?

Blackpink’s Lisa.
Blackpink is in danger of disbanding because 2023 is the year the members’ contracts with YG Entertainment expire. As long as one member does not renew with the company, Blackpink may have to change the lineup. In it, Jisoo spoke about her fatigue when answering Rolling Stone, fans thought that Jisoo was sending a message that she would not re-sign with YG Entertainment next year.

If Blackpink disbands , Lisa will be in the most difficult position if she continues to work in Korea.

Being Thai

Being a foreigner would be a disadvantage for Lisa. The Kpop market is full of talented people. Generations of idol groups and singers follow each other “out of the box” continuously, the elimination takes place quickly. When Blackpink disbands or changes the lineup, it will definitely face a period of stagnation, which will become the ideal time for other girl groups to break through.

With a large force, strong and continuous development, Kpop has plenty of new faces “made in Korea” for the audience to freely choose, love and support. Koreans will definitely want the iconic faces for Kpop to be Korean.

Compared to the other 3 Korean members, Lisa will have to deal with her nationality – like her market share is shrinking.
In case Lisa chooses to return to Thailand to work (like many other foreign idol singers in Korea), Thailand will also be a country that cannot meet the criteria to help Lisa have a boom. post Blackpink.

Strength in choreography and vocals is limited

In Blackpink, Jennie and Rose are considered to have outstanding vocals and the most comprehensive skills. Thanks to their singing ability, Jennie and Rose’s solo products always achieve “huge” achievements. Jennie’s song “Solo” received two platinum certifications from the Korea Music Content Association (KMCA) for selling over 2.5 million digital units and surpassing 100 million streams. In the US, “Solo” topped Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart.

Lisa does not have comprehensive skills like Jennie and Rose. Lisa also hasn’t shown her acting ability like Jisoo. Lisa’s greatest strength is dancing.

In 2021, Lisa was developed by the company personally with “Lalisa”, but this product is not appreciated for its quality. The song caused a fever in international social networks, but the achievement on the Korean charts was not very positive.

When separating activities from solo products, Lisa is still mentioned – most – mainly as a member of the group Blackpink. The skills Lisa shows in solo products are still limited to the skills she has in Blackpink. If Blackpink has a change in 2023, or has to disband, Lisa will be the member who has to face the most difficulties when continuing her career in the entertainment industry.
Maybe her charm is still there, but in the long run, Lisa will have to calculate for herself a post-Blackpink strategy.

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