BTS holds the ‘hegemony’ position, Twice surpasses Blackpink on Spotify 2022

Twice surpassed Blackpink in terms of streams on Spotify in 2022. However, BTS still retains its “hegemonic” position.

Every year, month, and week, artists are judged on how well they’re doing, usually in terms of album sales and streams on different platforms. Stream count is also the best measure of an artist’s popularity, as more streams mean more people listening to the artist’s music.

Half of 2022 has passed, Spotify recently announced the ranking of the most streamed K-pop idols.

The data was collected between January 1 and June 17. Accordingly, BTS ranked first with 3.8 billion streams, followed by Twice with 876 million streams and Blackpink followed with 745 million streams.

In fourth place is Stray Kids with 713 million streams. TXT is in 5th place with 498 million streams. Enhypen (440 million streams) and Seventeen (400 million streams) take the 6th and 7th positions respectively.

In particular, Lisa (Blackpink) surprised at 8th place when attracting 310 million streams – the only solo K-pop idol. Completing the Top 10 of the list includes Red Velvet with 301 million streams, ITZY with 289 million streams and IU with 265 million streams.

Twice and Blackpink

Netizens were impressed with the numbers and commented, “Looks like JYP and HYBE are very popular overseas”, “Blackpink is really cool to top the charts with no new music releases”, “” BTS is really on another level”, “Stray Kids is really awesome”, “I think Enhypen is the rookie group on that list”, “Stray Kids is doing really well on Spotify”…

Red Velvet
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