BTS’s V Proves To Be A True Parisian Prince Ahead Of The CELINE Paris Fashion Show

From a private jet to clubbing, V is sharing his global superstar travels!

When it was announced that BTS’s V would be traveling to Paris, France, for the upcoming CELINE fashion show, netizens couldn’t contain their excitement for so many reasons. Alongside V living out a dream, there’s just something about V when he’s traveling abroad that hits differently.

As soon as V arrived at the airport, he already seemed to capture the essence of Paris with his CELINE look. Unsurprisingly, he was the star of the show as cameras and fans couldn’t get enough of the idol.

V even managed to send the internet into meltdown by being both a gentleman but also rude AF with his poses.

If V at the airport was something, when the idol landed in Paris, it was something different altogether. As soon as he touched down in the city, V shared pictures of his luxurious travel in a private jet, and it definitely matches the idol’s expensive visuals.

But then, as always, V proved his humorous side with some more relaxed pictures showing him definitely making the most of the private jet.

Since it was announced that V would be going to Paris, ARMY unsurprisingly couldn’t wait to see the idol embrace the French culture. Luckily, V didn’t disappoint by quickly sharing his Parisian adventures.

The idol arrived late in the evening, but it didn’t stop him from doing some sightseeing. V made use of the beautiful night sky and took some beautiful shots from his hotel balcony, and it seemed like something from a movie.

Even inside the hotel, V seemed to be living the life as he was gifted a chocolate version of the Eiffel Tower and had a unique way of eating it…

The photos seemed to be posted early in the morning and V made sure to make the most of his time away. Either he stayed awake or arose early as the sky turned bright and the idol took more visually aesthetic pictures from his balcony.

It even involves watching two pigeons from afar having an altercation with each other.

In a later Instagram story, it also seems like V was enjoying the nightlife Paris had to offer. In a video, V seemed to be at either a club or gig in the city where he was watching a rapper perform to a full venue. Considering his idol status, it isn’t surprising that V wanted a taste of the music.

With the CELINE fashion show and plenty of more time to explore, V will undoubtedly continue to cement his status as a Parisian King. The idol hasn’t even been in the city a day and he’s already sending the internet into meltdown with his photos.

You can read more about V being a true King even before landing in Paris below.

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