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Choose the representative face of the girl group: Jennie – Karina “standard without editing”, Irene is still controversial

Choosing the female idol face that best represents the group's image is a topic that is being discussed by netizens.

“Face Of The Group” is a popular term that is of interest to many K-pop fans. This is not an official position assigned by the company, however, this position is implicitly recognized and actively chosen by fans.

The topic of “Face Of The Group” in the current trending girl groups is receiving a lot of discussion from netizens. The person chosen as the face of the group is not the member with the most impressive visual (visual), but the one who best expresses the concept and color of the group.

“Face Of The Group” is a popular K-pop term


FOTG are the ones who best express the concept and color of the group

Netizens discuss to choose the representative face in the current trending girl groups

Nayeon ( TWICE ), Jennie ( BLACKPINK ), Soyeon ( (G) I-DLE ), Karina ( aespa ), Jang Wonyoung ( IVE ) are the names that netizens agreed to “two hands and two feet” when choosing as a mirror. representative face. These female idols, regardless of concept, clearly show the color of the group, giving fans a strong impression.

Nayeon has a sweet look and youthful energy that perfectly suits TWICE’s concept

Jennie was chosen by netizens as the face of BLACKPINK because she always “weighs” every concept

Soyeon with her own personality, bold colors of (G)I-DLE

Karina must be aespa’s FOTG as she has an unmistakable aura

Jang Wonyoung is known as a princess that is both luxurious and sweet, an image that could not be more suitable for IVE.

However, there are also groups that have more than one member who carries the main spirit of the group. These names are actively discussed by netizens, debating who is really “Face Of The Group”.

When it comes to Red Velvet, most people will immediately think of Irene. However, many people think that Seulgi brings the most distinct feeling to each of the group’s concepts

Sakura and Chaewon of LE SSERAFIM are also two faces that receive netizens’ discussion because anyone can represent the group.

Sullyoon attracts attention with her extremely beautiful appearance, but fans think that Jinni is the more suitable member to represent this group.

Some netizens’ comments:

– LE SSERAFIM is Kim Chaewon.

– People who look at it can immediately see the vibe of the group, regardless of the concept, it’s undeniable that there’s Jennie and Karina aespa.

– With NMIXX, I think it’s Jinni.

– Although Nayeon is not the member with the most fans, looking at Nayeon, she immediately sees TWICE’s concept.

-I think Red Velvet is Seulgi.

– Jennie, Nayeon, Karina, Soyeon – These 4 guys are the best expression of the color of the group.

– It’s not natural that SM assigns Karina the FOTG position while the group doesn’t have the visual position.

-I also think Red Velvet is Seulgi. Do Seulgi has such a unique personality!

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