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V (BTS) continues to surpass Lisa (BLACKPINK) to set an Asian Instagram record

Although the number of Instagram followers is much lower than Lisa's, it is V who holds the record on this social network.

Kim Taehyung aka V is a member of the global hit boy group BTS. On the afternoon of December 6, 2021, 7 BTS members officially set up personal Instagram accounts after 8 years of debut. This is a very meaningful milestone for the ARMY community in particular and fans around the world in general, because previously the 7 boys of the “global group” all used social media accounts from Instagram to Twitter, Weverse under the name BTS.

As of now, V (BTS) currently has more than 44.7 million followers, posts 52 posts and currently follows 7 users including members of the group and the group’s official Instagram account.

Taehyung’s picture of his adorable pet dog Yeontan is now the first and only Asian post to reach 20 million likes on Instagram.

With his Instagram account, V holds a series of Kpop records and even holds two Guinness World Records. Notably, although only the number of followers ranked 5th after 4 BLACKPINK members, the male god BTS is holding the most liked photo on Kpop Instagram, not 4 BLACKPINK girls.

Even surpassing Lisa (BLACKPINK) – who holds the Instagram account with the largest number of followers in Korea with 79.1 million followers.

In addition, user @thv also currently holds the title of the 18th most liked Instagram post on Instagram in the world. He is the only Asian in the Top 20 to enter Wikipedia’s official ranking.

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