Revealing the reason why V BTS had to give up greeting the press when returning home

On the morning of June 28, several newspapers reported criticizing BTS member V for “ignoring fans and reporters” after arriving at the airport. V seems to have learned about the situation so he shared a brief apology via Weverse.

However, according to fans present at the airport, here are some situations that occurred before V’s arrival, stating that a large number of rude, protocol-breaking fans forced the idol to skip the stage. press greetings.

“This is what happened at the airport. First, the arrival time of the plane was delayed. Second, it was pouring rain. There were a lot of fans waiting, so the security staff told They told me to leave the location and come back at 11 o’clock.

Some fans who had been waiting in line for hours were worried because they thought they might lose their seats, but some members of the security team arrived and rearranged the line. But at that moment, it started to rain heavily. While everyone was trying not to get wet, a bunch of latecomers (foreign fans) ran out to surrender. They got into an argument with these people and the police were called!

Normally, the press and reporters are set up with security cords, but due to the rain and chaos, they couldn’t make arrangements,” – quoted a fan at the airport.

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