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Once controversial with a “disaster” cover, will Lisa (BLACKPINK) be able to make a breakthrough in the upcoming solo?

With only information "on the sidelines" about Lisa's upcoming solo, people have pulled together to turn back the old story about her vocals.

On June 17, the news that Lisa was about to debut as a solo caused a fever in the online community and became the focus of discussion of many newspapers. After Jennie and Rosé , Lisa is the next face that many fans expect for a cult solo.

Lisa is expected to debut as a solo this July

However, in front of this information, many netizens expressed concern and confusion about her voice. Previously, “YG’s dance machine” was once involved in a vocal controversy when covering Doja Cat’s song ” Say So” in BLACKPINK ‘s online concert THE SHOW .

Lisa once got into a vocal controversy when she covered the song “Say So” by Doja Cat

Although this performance made fans constantly praise the diverse transformation of the Thai female idol when she can sing, rap, and perform graceful dance moves at the same time. However, there were many mixed opinions denigrating Lisa’s voice.

Lisa received many controversies about her voice

The online community thinks that Lisa’s voice has no problem when rapping, but when she sings, her voice becomes difficult to hear like “stuffy nose”, “flu”. Because of her hard-to-hear voice, even though it’s an English cover, Lisa still confuses fans because she doesn’t understand what she’s singing.

Lisa confuses fans because she doesn’t understand what she’s singing

As a main dancer, fans can hardly expect too much from Lisa’s voice. However, she has contributed to many songs and is highly appreciated for her vocals. Including the LOVE performance that Lisa collaborated with her best friend Rosé in 2019

Lisa once sang a duet with Rosé in the song LOVE

Although combined with the main vocal of BLACKPINK, it can be seen that Lisa is not too inferior to Rosé but also shows her own quality in her voice. However, to sing high notes, requiring emotionality, perhaps Lisa is not enough. Instead, she will perform well in songs with fun, vibrant colors and not too demanding on the vocal range.

Lisa is not inferior to Rosé but also shows her own quality in her voice

Besides, in the most recent time, Lisa featured with iKON on Mnet’s ” Kingdom” stage . Although she only appeared for a short time, she made fans crazy with her top-notch aura and unique voice.


Lisa featured with iKON on Mnet’s Kingdom performance stage

Despite the controversy surrounding Lisa’s voice, fans still hope that she will choose a song that suits her voice so that she can show off her inherent talent. Who knows, that voice will be a feature of Lisa to bring a different highlight for her upcoming solo?


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