Jimin explains why he can’t ‘show off’ BTS’s friendship tattoo

BTS’ Jimin for the first time shared a picture of his friendship tattoo “7”.

On a recent Weverse fan community forum , Jimin revealed that he wanted to reveal his tattoo earlier during a performance.

The male singer added that because his hands are smaller, it can’t be seen when he holds the microphone.

Jimin shared a post, translated by Twitter user @BTStranslation_: “It’s been a while, hasn’t it? How are you? Busan World Expo 2030. I am very happy to be able to participate in this meaningful event together and I think I will be very happy to meet you in person on the date (after it is scheduled).”

Jimin also added, “You might already know from the photo but we all have friendship tattoos with each other.

I wanted to show you that tattoo while holding the mic but because my hands are smaller I can’t see it when I hold the mic hehe… I’m uploading a picture (alternatively) with a sad heart. I wish you all good dreams.”

Jimin posted a close-up photo of himself as he posed for the camera. This member put his index finger on the bridge of his nose when he smiled slightly while taking photos.
Jimin was also seen wearing earrings. In response to the post, member J-Hope dropped some red heart emojis.

Reacting to the post, one fan wrote on Twitter : “Jimin’s eyes, lips, hair, golden skin, cute fingers and cute little number 7 tattoo. It’s so beautiful, even when I look at it from the screen, I can feel it.”

Another said: “His deer eyes, pretty smile, the way he puts his finger on the bridge of his nose and his cute little 7, everything about Jimin makes me so in love, I’m going to cry because he’s the sweetest.”

“Jimin finally revealed his number 7 tattoo, mentioning how tiny his fingers are and how he can’t wait to see ARMYs again, this is enough strength and energy for me to continue working for months,” another commented.

Earlier, “owl-eyed” fans noticed that Jimin has a tattoo on his index finger.

So far RM, Jin, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook have revealed that they have a friendship tattoo. And Suga has not revealed whether he has tattoos or not.

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