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The 10 best female rappers in K-Pop: BlackPink has two names, Lisa lost 1st place

Popular polling site KingChoice recently held a month-long poll for K-pop fans to vote for the idol they consider to be the best female rapper.

The results were available with more than 2 million votes. These are the 10 best female K-pop rappers voted by fans. They are all very talented.
10. Chaeyoung (Twice)
Chaeyoung is Twice’s rapper and main vocalist. She received 14,483 votes in the poll.

9. Hyebin (Momoland)
Hyebin is the leader, main rapper and main vocalist of Momoland. She received 16,164 votes.

8. Irene (Red Velvet)
Irene is the leader, main rapper, main dancer and visual of Red Velvet. This girl received 38,606 votes.

7. Dahyun (TWICE): TWICE’s lead rapper and main vocalist received 53,041 votes, ranked 7th.

6. Jennie (BlackPink): As the main rapper in BlackPink, Jennie is far behind the youngest Lisa. However, she still entered the Top 10, with 6th place thanks to 139,109 votes.

5. Soyeon ((G)I-DLE): Soyeon is the leader, main rapper, sub vocalist and center of (G)I-DLE. She received 143,042 votes.

4. Yeeun (CLC): Rapper, main vocal and visual (image) of CLC ranked 4th with 171,879 votes.

3. Ryujin (ITZY): Ranked 3rd, but Ryujin was ranked 1st and 2nd far behind, receiving only 190,126 votes. She takes on the role of main rapper, lead dancer, sub-vocalist and center of ITZY.

2. Lisa (BlackPink): With 667,345 votes, BlackPink’s youngest member ranked 2nd. In the group, she took the position of main dancer and lead rapper (lead rapper, ranked 2nd after main rapper).

1. Dami (Dreamcatcher): Dreamcatcher’s main rapper and lead dancer received 682,941 votes, taking first place in the chart.



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