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Jennie (BLACKPINK)’s increasingly US-UK change

Along with the reputation of BLACKPINK, Jennie is becoming more and more famous in the Korean entertainment industry.

After nearly 6 years of debut, the female idol gradually changed in style, bringing more European and American breath. But it is this that causes the Korean public to have a fierce controversy.

The image of Jennie in her debut. (Photo: YG)


Her makeup style now tends to be rebellious and unique. (Photo: Instagram jennierubyjane)

Recently, Korean audiences discussed Jennie’s new image. They think that the female idol is changing more and more and wonder about this. People are not too supportive when the main rapper BLACKPINK pursues European and American style, a bit rebellious.

6 years ago, when debuting with BLACKPINK, Jennie made an impression with her cute and charming face. Although she is a rookie, the female idol has a strong charm thanks to her beautiful and expressive body on stage. Jennie’s makeup style at this time of course also suits Korean taste.

Jennie in the beginning of her career still had a very gentle image. (Photo: Jenniedot)

The style of dress and makeup at this time still tends to be more suitable for Korean audiences. (Photo: Japan pop wave)

Jennie’s charming yet sweet beauty. (Photo: Pinterest)

During her appearances at the airport, Jennie also brings a simple fashion style. She often chooses a long form t-shirt or a crop top combined with pants to show off her slim waist. Although not fussy, Jennie’s airport outfit is always praised.

A little bit of Jennie’s cuteness in a bun hairstyle. (Photo: Paint It Black)

Jennie is a person who has a good taste in dress. (Photo: Pinterest)

After nearly 6 years of operation, Jennie has not only developed her reputation in the Korean market. The female idol is active in the fashion industry, reaching out to the international market. The trips to France and England to attend the events of BLACKPINK beauties are always shocking.

Every time she goes to Europe, Jennie’s dress style becomes a stormy topic. (Photo: Instagram outfit_blackpink4)

The female idol likes to show off her waist, when she dances, she is enthusiastic. (Photo: Instagram outfit_blackpink4)

More importantly, Jennie’s fashion, makeup and photography style have also changed since then. Instead of choosing sweet tones, the YG female idol prefers deep tones and smoky eyes. The boldness is clearly shown in the way Jennie dresses, increasingly cutting, showing off her body.

Jennie’s bold shirts always make the audience “talk a lot”. (Photo: Instagram jennierubyjane)

Fans can clearly see the somewhat European and American style when Jennie takes a photo of the magazine. (Photo: W Korea)

Jennie gives a stranger feeling than before. (Photo: Instagram jennierubyjane)

When Jennie brought changes and created new trends, people argued again. (Photo: W Korea)

Jennie in her everyday image has also changed. (Photo: Instagram jennierubyjane)

It’s understandable that Jennie changed her image for a long time. Female idols need to experience something new so that they and the audience are not bored. Despite the controversy, it cannot be denied that Jennie’s reputation is always stable no matter what time.



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