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G-Dragon’s worrying move in the midst of the question of breaking up Jennie (BLACKPINK) became the focus

G-Dragon's strange move caused netizens to stir and discuss.

The dating drama between V (BTS) , Jennie (BLACKPINK) and G-Dragon (BIGBANG) is the most discussed topic in recent times. While fans are curious about the real relationship between the three, recently, the leader of BIGBANG suddenly made a series of strange and worrying moves.

Recently, G-Dragon posted a series of seemingly ordinary stories on Instagram, which are selfie photos with a cool expression in his signature style. However , it was the accompanying caption that captured the attention: “I want to give this life back. It’s very different from what I thought.”

The latest pictures and status lines posted by G-Dragon make fans worried

The leader of BIGBANG took a photo with a lost and sad expression with a dark cloud symbol

This raises the suspicion that G-Dragon is in a negative mood between the love drama with V (BTS) and Jennie

G-Dragon’s new moves make the audience nervous. Many fans think that the leader of BIGBANG has really broken up with Jennie and is in a negative mood. However, there are also excited comments that he is just posting the lyrics of the upcoming album.

Before that, the “King of Kpop” changed the profile picture of his own fashion brand’s account to a photo showing a harsh meaning. The number of posts on G-Dragon’s sub-account dropped, raising suspicions that he deleted Jennie’s photos and unfollowed her. Besides, Kwon Dami – G-Dragon’s older sister also unfollowed Jennie. This further reinforces the suspicion that Jennie and G-Dragon broke up, “YG princess” turned to dating the male god BTS.

The leader of BIGBANG is also said to send a message aimed directly at Jennie and V: “I used to be a good fighter. I won the first few fights. Then I got into trouble. They made me fight. And again. I’m a good fighter”

Many fans think that the couple GD and Jennie “have gone their separate ways”…

… and Jennie turned to date V (BTS)


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