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Top 5 artists with the biggest YouTube followers in the world, BLACKPINK hits an amazing milestone!

Many numbers and record achievements have been created by these artists on the YouTube platform,

YouTube is currently the most popular video viewing platform in the world. Every hour that passes, YouTube has thousands of new videos, thousands of accounts created, hundreds of millions of views and other huge numbers.

Officially launched in 2005, YouTube has grown strongly over the past 16 years with many numbers and record achievements. By mid-2022, the Top 5 artists with the most followers on YouTube have changed. In particular, BLACKPINK is the first artist in the world to reach 75 million followers on this platform.

Here are the Top 5 artists with the most followers on YouTube.

1. BLACKPINK (75 million followers)

BLACKPINK is the top girl group in the world right now. The girls receive love not only in Korea but also around the world. To date, BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel has reached more than 75 million subscribers, a milestone that no other artist in the world has achieved. However, fans also said that BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel has cooled down a bit because the group hasn’t made a comeback for over a year.

2. Justin Bieber (69.1 million followers)

Justin Bieber used to be the number one artist in terms of the number of followers on YouTube. However, this position belonged to the BLACKPINK girls not long ago.

Justin Bieber has a very inexplicable attraction, from his career, personal life to everything about him, attracting the curiosity of the audience. Justin Bieber’s later products have received praise and criticism with many opinions, but no one can deny his charm. On YouTube, Justin Bieber currently has 32 videos with 100 million views, and has earned a total of 24.553 billion views for his YouTube channel.

3. BTS (68.5 million followers)

BTS is the Korean group that has the most views on YouTube of all time thanks to its huge number of followers. BTS debuted in 2013, so far the group has been active for 9 years and bombarded the music market in many countries. The success of BTS comes from the talents of the 7 members of the group, receiving the love and support of the second largest fandom today.

4. Marshmello (55.3 million followers)

Since his debut in 2015, Marshmello has not only conquered international audiences with his electronic tracks of progressive house, future bouce, future bass or trap, but in 2019, he also reached the top 5 in the list. 100 most successful DJs in the world according to DJ Mag.

His YouTube channel currently has billions of views, was founded on April 17, 2015 and is ranked 4th in the world with 55.3 million subscribers.

5. Eminem (52.2 million followers)
Enimem is the name that contributes to this Top 5 ranking change. Previously, this position belonged to the popular singer Ariana Grande. 20 years of pursuing an artistic path, Eminem has affirmed the name of a top rapper. In addition to talent, Eminem makes the audience remember by his extravagance and many shocking statements. To date, the male rapper’s YouTube channel has reached 52.2 million followers.



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