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Why can’t BTS and Blackpink members fall in love?

BTS and Blackpink are top Kpop idols. There used to be many spectators "pushing boats" for members of the two groups, but this is considered impossible, why?

During the journey of Blackpink and BTS, not only in their art but also in their personal lives are interested by fans, especially in the love life of the idols.

There have been many times when the audience has “pushed boats” for the members of BTS and Blackpink, however, it is considered very difficult for them to fall in love, even true fans claim that this is impossible. .

Because Blackpink and BTS are two “rival” groups?

Although they do not officially confront each other, based on the achievements and activities of the two groups, fans know they are rivals. Because Blackpink and BTS are always the leading groups in Kpop, they are always aiming for the No. 1 position in Korea, even internationally.

Because they come from two different companies, but have many similar strategies, especially in the “international attack” orientation, the two groups are easy to compare. Even in many cases, both groups avoid speaking about each other so as not to cause controversy and noise.

Therefore, it is very difficult for the members of the two groups to fall in love, even fans call it “myth”.

Blackpink and BTS. Screenshots
Jungkook and Lisa were paired and then…

Jung Kook and Lisa are the two youngest members of two groups BTS and Blackpink. They have never worked together. The moments they met were on stage, or in entertainment events. There have been many times when Jung Kook and Lisa had intimate interactions on stage, causing many viewers to “push the boat” for the couple.

However, the couple’s true fans insisted that those interactions were too short to say anything. Even fans confirmed that the audience’s pairing of Jung Kook and Lisa made their lives disturbed and affected.

Therefore, a major part of the fans is the one who doesn’t want their idols to get to know each other, because it is likely that the idols will get involved in the same noise as the seniors and seniors, affecting their careers.

Blackpink and BTS banned from dating?

The fact that Blackpink and BTS are banned from dating each other has not been announced or has any proof of this information, however, the general rule at the management company is that it is completely forbidden for idols to date. all have.

In particular, Blackpink’s management company YG also forbids the girls from knowing other idols in the company and dating for a period of group activities. Although this ban is strict for YG’s rookies, the Blackpink girls always comply.

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