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BLACKPINK prepares the most epic tour in K-Pop girl group history

YG Entertainment has confirmed BLACKPINK's comeback this year, promising an epic world tour unprecedented in the history of girl groups.

This morning , a representative from YG Entertainment revealed that BLACKPINK is currently in the final stages of recording a new album. Thus, the group is gearing up for a breakthrough comeback like never before after a long absence.

More notably, according to this announcement, BLACKPINK will prepare for a large-scale tour, even the largest in the history of K-Pop girl groups ever. This is an effort to “expand BLACKPINK’s emotional connection with fans around the world”.

Immediately after the information was posted, the fans were extremely excited and looking forward to the 4 girls’ upcoming comeback. At the present time, although it has been almost a year without releasing new music as a group, all 4 members have maintained their reputation in the hearts of the audience. Therefore, the upcoming comeback with this epic tour is expected to become a hot topic for K-Pop fans.

Most recently, BLACKPINK had the honor of appearing in the prestigious music magazine Rolling Stone. This appearance of BLACKPINK has helped the 4 girls officially become the first Asian girl group to be on the cover of this prestigious magazine. Not stopping there, BLACKPINK is also the third girl group to receive this honor, after the two hit groups Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child. It must also be added that, during the past 21 years, no girl group has appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone until BLACKPINK.

Up to now, there has been no further announcement about the album title, title track, and concept that the group pursues for their upcoming comeback.

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