Heartbreaking words of Korean idols

Korean idols are always subjected to strict scrutiny and prejudice from fans.

Sometimes just because of an action, saying, dating news or even without reason, they have become the focus of criticism of the audience. No matter how strong they are, there are times when idols utter confessions that hurt anyone who hears them.

Idols make fans heartbroken with sad confessions. (Photo: Vogue, W)

Yujeong (Brave Girls)

When participating in Queendom 2, despite completing the task very well, Brave Girls were chosen by the competitors and the audience as the worst performing group. This made the female idols burst into tears because their efforts in practice and efforts were not recognized.

At that time, Yujeong uttered a sentence that made fans’ hearts flutter: “Are we that bad? Isn’t that right? I don’t think so… We did a good job.”

Brave Girls performed very well but did not bring the results they deserved. (Photo: Mnet)

Yujeong’s words made fans sad because they weren’t strong enough to help the group. (Photo: Mnet)

Chaeryeong (ITZY)

When she first debuted with ITZY, Chaeryeong received many criticisms because of her appearance. To the point, the female idol had to say, “I don’t know why, but after becoming a part of the pre-debut group that I’ve dreamed of for so long, I wondered if it would make any sense if Like I’m hated like this.”

Even though she debuted as an idol, Chaeryeong felt that it was meaningless because she was hated. (Photo: Pinterest)

Chaeryeong has tried to overcome prejudices, constantly improving herself. (Photo: Pinterest)

Jeon Somi

Possessing a beauty like a hybrid angel, but Somi also faced discrimination and ridicule from friends due to Korean social prejudices. Even the beauties of YG once admitted: “I used to intend to have plastic surgery to cover all the Western features on my face” . However, with her own talent and efforts, Somi is currently the most successful female solo idol in K-pop.

Somi used to want to have cosmetic interventions to lose the Western features on her face. (Photo: Pinterest)

However, after all, the female idol tried to use criticism as a motivation to rise. (Photo: Dazed)


Jennie is the typical idol for the saying “you will be hated if you sit idle”. Even sometimes because of unconfirmed dating rumors, or being followed by a male idol, the main rapper of BLACKPINK will also become the focus of criticism. Jennie once confided, “I want to throw all my phones into the deep sea and disappear so people don’t know my presence.”

Jennie wants to cut off all contact so that people don’t know her and also stop seeing negative words. (Photo: Pinterest)

Jennie is a typical example of the “hate sitting idle” idol. (Photo: W)

G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

Different from his personality and rebellious appearance, G-Dragon is a very deep and emotional male idol. With his style, the leader of BIGBANG is not immune to criticism. G-Dragon once said about his name: “G-Dragon? He’s just an ordinary person, very normal like everyone else”.

G-Dragon just feels like a very ordinary person. (Photo: Vogue)

No matter how successful, G-Dragon knows how to laugh, cry, be happy and try like everyone else. (Photo: Pinterest)

Sulli (f(x))

Before leaving forever, Sulli has repeatedly expressed her unstable situation because of the pressures and words of netizens. She once shared that: “I told them, I was exhausted, but no one listened to what I said.” But unfortunately, at that time, no one listened to Sulli, which led to a sad incident that made everyone mourn.

Sulli repeatedly expressed her instability but no one listened. (Photo: Pinterest)

Up to now, listening to Sulli’s confession, everyone mourns. (Photo: Pinterest)

Goo Hara (KARA)

Like Sulli, Goo Hara had to face a lot of pressure and then passed away forever. The female idol once confided, “I have to pretend to be happy while I’m tired. Pretend like nothing while I’m in pain. After living with all that oppression, my insides are broken. broken into a hundred pieces”.

Goo Hara also finds an ending like Sulli. (Photo: Dispatch)

The female idol’s words made the audience mourn. (Photo: Pinterest)

Jihyo (TWICE)

“Please don’t push me, I’m also a member of TWICE” , this is the saying that Jihyo’s fans remember forever. At the time of her debut, the female idol was criticized for her appearance and coldness from the audience.

Jihyo used to suffer from many prejudices. (Photo: ALL-TWICE.COM)

However, she tried very hard to change day by day. (Photo: Pinterest)

Even though they are celebrities, idols are still ordinary people who have feelings and thoughts and are vulnerable. Therefore, fans must know how to behave properly to avoid painful things.

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